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“I have a theory,” Joe Bernal says. “I think where he trips is not in the larger community he’s with the liberals, basically for human rights and that type of thing. However, there’s something psychological in the man. His fam ily escaped the Mexican Revolution because they were pursued by the revolutionaries, the people who became the Partido Re volucionario Institutional, the PRI. Seeing Mexican revolutionaries, he trips emotionally I think he sees the same element in La Raza Unida and anybody who starts getting milit ant he trips.” THE TEXAS OBSERVER Gonzalez, left, greeting Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo as House Majority Leader Jim Wright looks on. bat. “He has always wanted to be El Numero Uno on the West Side,” he mortared Pena and, “In a sense he is: He’s the Number One Professional Mexican. On the West Side he is being called `Super Mex.’ ” Gonzalez would contribute to build a “monument to Super-Mex in the middle of the West Side, provided Pena learns how to keep the restrooms clean at Mission County Park in his precinct.” Peria had accused him of taking money from the GGL, Gonzalez said, but “He thinks every other politician is a political prostitute like himself. He has taken money from Price Daniel, from Don Yarborough and others . . . .” “I believe he always wanted to be Numero Uno,” Pena says now. “Henry,” Joe Bernal says, “wrote me a letter referring to me as Numero Uno. To me this was tongue-in-cheek, patronizing, and fishing for a compliment `No, I’m not, you are’ which I did.