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Bar of Dark By Kathryn Marshall Philadelphia I recently got a call from a Dallas lawyer, a former neighbor, who had heard I’d spent the summer in South Africa. The Texas State Bar, he said, is sponsoring two “get-away-from-winter vacations” in January and February [Obs., Oct. 31] and would the “deluxe South African adventure” be worth his $2,599? Well, that depended on what the Bar was interested in seeing parts of South Africa had struck me as remarkably like Texas. The Great Karoo could pass for the Trans-Pecos Desert, and those mean little Free State dorps could be Panhandle towns. “Says here we’ll be spending a lot of time in Johannesburg ” 10 NOVEMBER 28, 1980 alkiz 4,1140 :Ra Fine, but Johannesburg’s skyline resembles that of a certain North Texas city, and its nouveau riche, both Englishand Afrikaans-speaking, are culturally not unlike some White American Southern Protestants he could end up wondering why he hadn’t simply stayed in Big D and blown his $2,599 on a weekend at the Fairmont. “Yeah, but it also says ‘an in-depth tour of this vital and progressive democratic country’ ” I told him he might as well sign on for a trip to Disney World. South Africa is a police state. At the heart of “this vital and progressive democratic country” is the Nationalist Party’s doctrine of apartheid \(literally, “apartness,” or separation of the