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FIGHT THE SUNBELT INVASION GIVE OBSERVER SUBSCRIPTIONS Since 1970, Texas has been inundated with foreigners, including some people from Oklahoma. We’ve got nothing against these folks, heck, we’re glad to have ’em, but they got to be educated. Most of our newcomers probably think Texas is what they read in the newspapers or the various magazines whose names we are too polite and well-bred to mention. That’s not the real story, is it? We’d like to tell our new friends what really makes this state tick, and not tick, and why they ought to try to do something about it before it’s too late. You can help by giving a gift subscription to the new kid on your block. It’s good for you, good for him or her, and good for Texas. And here’s the best part. The more subscriptions you give, the cheaper they get. The first subscription or your own renewal is at the regular rate, $18 per year; a second subscription is $15; and all the ones after that are just $9 . . . a savings of 50 percent. We’ll mail an announcement of your gift in mid-December, and the subscription will begin with the issue coming out the week before Christmas. \(Or we can handle any special instructions such as begin And you get to tell us when to send the bill. The Texas Observer. If you don’t read us, you don’t know Texas. II Send an announcement of my gift and enter one-year subscriptions for: Name Name I Address Address City/State Zip City/State Zip Sign gift card from Sign gift card from I Your name address city state zip Shall we enter or extend your own subscription? yes no If “yes” please indicate: new or renewal. check enclosed send bill on RIM= MN IMINNIMINIMINNIMINNIMINE11111111111111MINEMINNITh/110M111111111111rn1MMOSIMIMMI 20 NOVEMBER 14, 1980