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k e R11 \(-About? ‘hea d recw St 310 East 6th St. Austin, Texas Postmaster: If undeliverable, send Form 3579 to The Texas Observer, 600 W. 7th, Austin, Texas 78701 notwithstanding their failure to meet your standards. A bit more humility in the intellectual realm might be a useful seasoning in your writing. The ethical arrogance I mention is illustrated by your Comment on “The Not Quite Free Press” of the same issue. Despite your unbending assertion to the contrary, some people of pure heart really think that legislators and judges, not self-appointed journalists, are the ones to decide how much evidence is needed to convict or acquit a person on trial. If you take an honest look at the history of this country, you’ll have to agree that legislators and judges, on the whole, have been a little more responsive to the desires of the body politic than you give them credit for. Your role as a journalist is to inform and provoke; that doesn’t mean you can set yourself apart from the other institutions of society. I guess the moral despair troubles me the most. I get the impression that you, unlike your predecessors, have a good deal of trouble handling the notion that the world isn’t perfect. You should be helping the rest of us refine our Gestalts so we can all cope with things more effectively. It’s sad to see you in such a black mood, and sadder to see your obvious talents going to waste. I’ve been reading the Observer for a number of years, and certainly don’t plan to quit now. It would sure be nice, though, to see a return to the more joyful approach of the old days. Charles Todd Petersen Austin Christian Tactics? A shocking display of deceit was exhibited recently in Dallas when a religious-political group \(called the “National Affairs Briefing,” claiming to be non-partisan, that turned out to be a gigantic political rally for the Republican Presidential candidate, Ronald Reagan. [Obs., Sept. 19] Shocking, not because the meeting 24 OCTOBER 3, 1980 was held to promote Reagan’s candidacy, but because there was a deliberate attempt to deceive the public by billing the meeting as non-partisan and making the statement that, “We are not partisan, we do not endorse any candidate for political office.” The reality is that only speakers who agree with the group’s political and economic philosophy were allowed to speak at the meeting. The men in this movement say they seek to restore moral stability to this nation, but the tragedy may be that many who might want to turn to the church will be turned off instead by the antics of such men who as religious leaders are seeking political power by less than Christian methods. Clara Landers Van Horn Tasteless Stuart P. Stevens’ comment, “His redneck father would be proud,” in your September 5 edition is the most tasteless statement I have read in years. Is slurring the dead the level The Texas Observer sinks to in articles on people it does not like? Thomas J. Price El Paso Thanks I write to thank Maury Maverick Jr. for unearthing that gem from Gus Garcia, about Sam Houston, “the wetback from Tennessee.” [Obs., Sept. 5] Gus had one of the finest minds I ever met. Also, I would like to commend you for your excellent defense of Ramsey Clark. [Obs., July 4] If you read The Progressive, you will recall they long ago recommended we publicly apologize to Iran for our sins there. Why can’t a nation as well as an individual admit a mistake? And make an attempt at reparation? Dixie W. Brookshire Kingsville the legendary RAW DEAL Steaks, Chops, Chicken open lunch and evenings 605 Sabine, Austin No Reservations Parisian Charm. Omelette & Champagne Breakfast. Beautiful Crepes. Afternoon Cocktails. Gallant Waiters. Delicious Quiche. Evening Romance. Continental Steaks. Mysterious Women. Famous Pastries. Cognac & Midnight Rendezvous. In short, it’s about everything a great European style restaurant is all about. IF YOU ARE an occasional reader and would like to receive The Texas Observer regularlyor if you are a subscriber and would like to have a free sample copy or a one-year gift subscription sent to a friend here’s the order form: SEND THE OBSERVER TO name address city state zip this ‘ubscription is for myself gift subscription send card in my name sample copy only you may use my name $18 enclosed for a one-year subscription bill me for $18 MY NAME & ADDRESS THE TEXAS OBSERVER 600 W. 7th, Austin, Texas 78701 Dialogue/from page 23