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. . MOO 9 THE TEXAS OBSERVER fi7 ri` ! brigadier general with the allied resistance forces in Europe during World War Ii. He says that he holds two PhD’s, one in psychology and one in Christian theology. He is a former Grand Dragon of the original Ku Klux Klan, a group which in Texas, I was told, had been absorbed by the Knights. Dr. Brown today is Grand Kludd, or chaplain, for the Texas Knights. He is also an expert in karate, judo and lesser-known martial arts, and, from what I heard, has a reputation for musical talent as well. Dr. Brown rose to the podium and looked around the room, studying the faces of individuals in the audience as if to determine their racial characters. Then he opened his address by saying that hallelujah! he had no doubt that the Klan would restore sovereignty to white people, just as it had done in 1876, at the end of that bloody resistance which brought down the nigger, carpetbag Reconstruction government. He told the crowd that white, Christian, patriotic Americans would win the struggle because they were the true Israelites. To prove the point, he reviewed genealogies of the Bible. Mary, he said, was the descendant of a union between Judah, an Israelite, and his daughter-in-law, Tamar, also an Israelite. The Jews, on the other hand, were descended of an illicit union between Judah and a Canaanite woman and of other race-mixtures as well. In the veins of Jews, Brown said, there flows the blood of Hittites, Maobites, Babylonians, and other heathens. Jesus could not have been a Jew, Brown stressed, because he was the son of Mary, an Israelite, and God, Who, assured Brown, was certainly no Jew. If there was an Israel in the world today, Brown said that it would have to be the American, British, Scandinavian, and Germanic nations, not some strip of land that Jews had wrested from Arabs. Had I not spent the day with Klansmen and their pamphlets, I would have understood almost nothing of Dr. Brown’s discourse. He laced his statements with sectarian, obscure terms whose meaning is unintelligible to the uninitiated. For example, he calls Jews, not Jews, but Khazars, Khazar Yids, and International Zionist Khazar Yids. Whenever he spoke of people, I had to make a hurried mental adjustment: in Dr. Brown’s reading of the Bible, there are no races, only people and two-legged beasts. People, of course, are white. Sometimes when he mentioned “the enemy,” it was plain from the context that he meant the Communists. At other times, the word would have been capitalized, the Enemy, in reference to the Jews; there were times when I could not distinguish which form of the word he intended, and I would not be surprised if, in accurate translation, the word at those points referred to Jewish Reds. \(Earlier, I had asked biker Charles Lee how he waded through the morass of anti-Semitic terminology. He told me he no longer had a problem doing it. “I guess the Klan gave me an educaThe crest of Dr. Brown’s speech came when he began to talk about the upcoming struggle to rid America of un-Christian, nonwhite influences. At about that point, Louis, who had been shooting pictures of Brown, laid his camera aside. He couldn’t focus well; his eyes were reddened, their lids swollen with tears. Dr. Brown’s voice boomed as he drew a picture of carnage. “Now I’m no prophet,” he cried, “but I think that you and I will live to see the day for war upon the beasts, the day when the Enemy will hang from telephone posts and trees, right here in Pasadena, the day when blood will literally flow in the streets.” His speech was interrupted with cheers and applause. “I believe that we may be given a commandment from God to deal Louis Beam, Grand Dragon, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Pasadena