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Tee, AFSC, up.t, &rat t r ,o k e, 0-it pR y , bite tux.iw? AttA t eft /Lit. .?teadt_ aeta tote, mut Iffrati t_ a. nnt.464440:a4 414V-te ‘” Decisions, Decisions. What can I do about Draft Registration? Once more the youth of our nation are faced with agonizing choices: If I register, will I be drafted into the army? Am I prepared to kill a fellow human being? Will I fight in a nuclear war? A war without winners? Am I willing to fight for oil? To quell inner city riots? THE AMERICAN FRIENDS SERVICE COMMITTEE, a Quaker organization, helped thousands of young men all across the country during the Vietnam war with support, counseling and information about alternatives to the draft. Now our phone lines are choked and our mail heavy with letters like this: AFSC needs your help to respond to this overwhelming need. Send us a contribution today. AMERICAN FRIENDS SERVICE COMMITTEE TO: 1022 WEST 6TH STREET AUSTIN, TEXAS 78703 YES, I WANT TO HELP WITH SUPPORT AND DRAFT COUNSELING Here is my contribution. I will write to Congress opposing the military draft. Please send me more data on the AFSC Draft Information and Counseling Project. NAME ADDRESS AMERICAN FRIENDS SERVICE COMMITTEE AMERICAN FRIENDS SERVICE COMMITTEE 1022 WEST 6TH STREET AUSTIN, TEXAS 78703 1 CITY STATE ZIP Contributions to the AFSC are deductible for income tax purposes .1 r 13 THE TEXAS OBSERVER