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STEPHEN F. AUSTIN HOTEL Comfortable rooms in an historic setting at reasonable rates. Meeting and banquet facilities.Free parking. BON D’A K CAFE Restaurant and Coffee Shop Cocktails in Quiet Atmos STji HEN’S phere, Happy Hour, Live piano entertainment Located 3 blocks from the Capitol 7th and Congress, Austin, Texas Reservations and information 512/476-4361 New outdoor French Cafe Lunch, Supper & Cocktails low-key, patient, attentive to your situation member firm with RELO complimentary nationwide home locatorsmember brokers in all major cities ED BENNETT 10102 N. Lamar, Austin 78753 JBGcodwin Company NEVER BUY ANOTHER GALLON OF GASOLINE! All the best books on Alternative Energy and Self-Sufficient Living at one place Send for Free Catalog: HOW TO DO IT BOOK STORE Dept. TOS 1007 West Davis Dallas, Texas 75208 PAC LAW Representation, Counseling, & Litigation for Political Action Committees on all PAC matters in the Capitol Dowling & Wilson 812 San Antonio Street Attorneys-at-Law Suite 206, Austin, Texas THE COMMODORE HOTEL On Capitol Hill Owned and operated by Texans 520 N. Capitol St., NW Washington, D.C. 20001 61;v irt NIM -u.6,\( -6:0, o0afilic 64\(ki p 2 41t00-141/te.Otztw . latryul-tiolucvedykailadti,z6 .04 AN{ACo 6attdeitiort-6t. its shortcomings, we can only agree. And as they’ve catalogued the union’s strengths, we’re only complimented.” Paul Sweeney Kennedy back in Texas? Sen. Edward Kennedy may come to Texas for the Democratic Party state convention June 20-21 in San Antonio. The purpose would be to try to pick up delegates from the uncommitted ranks. According to Kennedy strategists, the delegate break-out in Texas is currently 63 percent for Carter, 20 percent for Kennedy and 16 percent undecided. Kennedy had counted on trying to round up more strength from Texas if he made a good showing in the June 3 primaries which he did. According to party executive director Gary Mauro, planning for the state convention is based on the assumption Kennedy will show. If Kennedy does, President Carter may do the same, and although state party leaders are hoping to draw both candidates, Carter’s reluctance to be with Kennedy in the same city on the same day will make for interesting scheduling. As for the convention itself, caucuses will begin starting Friday morning, with official floor business opening about 7 p.m. and re-convening Saturday at 8 a.m. It may become a wide open affair according to party rules, 20 percent of the delegates can change topics on the agenda. Isn’t it time we started to stress the spiritual aspects of funerals rather than the material? At Reveley Memorial Services we believe the truly dignified funeral is the simplest possible funeral. Money lavished on the vanity and theatre of conventionally expensive funerals, money literally put into the ground, could be much better utilized, in a living memorial, by your church, your charity, your family. To assure that your wishes are carried out and to spare your family the possibility of being sold a high priced funeral you personally would not want, contact us to learn more about our pre-need program. REVELEY MEMORIAL SERVICES Simple Funerals San Antonio 533 -8141 Austin 441-7500 12 JUNE 20, 1980