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.\\,t1 and Associates 502 W. 15th Street Austin, Texas 78701 REALTOR U Representing all types of properties in Austin and Central Texas Interesting & unusual property a specialty. 05 477-3651 I t Good books in every field JENKINS PUBLISHING CO. The Pemberton Press John H. Jenkins, Publisher John Anderson Can Win! 1980 can be the year in which the people themselves finally choose their President of the United States. Want To Help?? Call a Headquarters : Arlington 265-2872 Austin 472-3413 Dallas 823-9322 El Paso 5336674 Fort Worth 336 -9481 Houston 627-1793 San Antonio 822-2271 Paid for & authorized by the National Unity Campaign for John Anderson. CHEESECAKE ON THE RIVERWALK Serving sandwiches to seafood, from 11:30 until 11:30 every day of the week; open till midnight in the Metro Center, San Antonio, Texas whereupon the clown is exploded. This is crazy . . . why do we have to write this? . . . anyway, in the grandmother sequence and other variations of the JIB commercials, viewers, most of whom are targeted to be children, are given a heaping portion of merciless cruelty while being sold bad food. Some kids seem to be responding negatively. In Houston, attorney Henry Radoff is trying to get the commercials off the air. He told the Houston Post his four-yearold son, Cary, won’t go near a JIB restaurant because “he’s afraid the clown is going to blow up when we drive in there.” We’re certainly sympathetic to Radoff, but perhaps there’s s _omething to be salvaged here, a true-life lesson about the values and methods of the modern corporation. Think of the clown as an account executive of the “old” image. Business-wise, things aren’t going well, and the board of directors at Ralston Purina decides to try a new campaign. What more efficient way to get rid of Jack than to blow him to plasma? This is not to say that outright execution of failed executives has become standard practice in the corporate world, so far, but in many cases it might be a more humane alternative. Imagine poor Jack, suddenly fired, no pension plan, his health lousy from malnutrition, trying to find another job. No, far better to dispatch him cleanly and quickly. It’s a cruel world, Kids. Now shut up and eat. You can be replaced, you know. How to Handle a Hungry Union Austin’s municipal employees, like those of other Texas cities, are becoming unionized, principally via association with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees particularly well in Austin, with approximately 15 percent of the city’s nearly 6,000 employees signed up and more expected. Under separate jurisdiction, AFSCME has also been trying to represent state workers [Obs., Apr. 25] and employees of Travis County. It was in this context that a number of Austin city government department heads quietly met in early June to try to figure out ways to stop the momentum of AFSCME, at least on municipal terrain. During the meeting, apparently without the involvement or prior knowledge of any council members, a five-page memo was distributed advising the supervisors 10 JUNE 20, 1980