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1607 San Jacinto Closed Sundays 477-4171 22 JUNE 6, 1980 THE ORIGINAL NATURAL… lunch Austin’s only open-air dance floor is now open every day and night for live music and homestyle meals. Come enjoy our laid-back tropical garden atmosphere. Fine wines & beers 405 West Second Street 477-0461 NEVER BUY ANOTHER GALLON OF GASOLINE! All the best books on Alternative Energy and Self-Sufficient Living at one place Send for Free Catalog: HOW TO DO IT BOOK STORE Dept. TOS 1007 West Davis Dallas, Texas 75208 c4olzts A Texas Tradition Since 1866 No games, no gimmicks, no loud music. Just good conversation with the most interesting people in Austin. And the best of downhome cooking. The bank report also points out that despite the hard times that may be coming to Texas, things will be a lot worse in states like Michigan which are dependent on critically ill industries like automobile manufacturing. fn short, be glad you’re not reading the Detroit Observer. Alfred J. Watkins Stockwell Fundraiser June 12 John Stockwell, a former CIA case officer whose book, In Search of Enemies, revealed the CIA’s role in and coverup of its war in Angola in which 10,000 people were killed, is now being sued by the U.S. government to stifle his right to free speech regarding CIA activities. Legal costs are high and a special event for the John Stockwell Defense Fund is planned Thursday, June 12 at the UT Law Auditorium in Austin. Events include: 2 p.m. Panel on CIA activities featuring Seymour Hersch, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his reporting of the My Lai massacre; Morton Halprin, former national security analyst in the Nixon White House and now director of the Center For National Security Studies; John Henry Faulk, humourist and victim of the McCarthy witchhunts; and John Stockwell. 6 p.m. Fundraising cocktail reception at the Villa Capri, across the street from the LBJ Library. 7:30 p.m. Screening at the UT Law Auditorium of “On Company Business,” a controversial documentary tracing CIA activities throughout the world. The film won the Critics Award at the Berlin Film Festival. Admission/donation remittances: $3 film; $10 reception. 255-4171. “After acquiring a single delegate for $17 million of campaign expenditures, John Connally, no arithmetic sluggard, figured out he couldn’t afford the Republican nomination.” Alan Abelson in Barron’s, Apr. 14 “There ARE NO GOOD ADS! ‘Good’ and ‘ads’ are opposite terms. I’m tired of the taste of fear, the client’s belligerent confusion, the pretension to good art and good writing, and the constant, niggardly bone-picking. Let them sell the products on street corners, for all I care.” ad copywriter in Dallas