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STEPHEN F. AUSTIN HOTEL Comfortable rooms in an historic setting at reasonable rates. Meeting and banquet facilities.Free parking. Restaurant and Coffee Shop Cocktails in Quiet Atmosphere, Happy Hour, Live piano entertainment Located 3 blocks from the Capitol 7th and Congress, Austin, Texas Reservations and information 512/476-4361 BOIS D’ARC CAFE ST HEN’S New outdoor French Cafe Lunch, Supper & Cocktails 0056111144 \(Zit, _U AL G-1.-405 4:4110CLEVI 1000 West Lynn, Austin, Texas 478-3001 Store hours: Mon-Sat 9:30-7, Sun 12-6 Observations . . . from page 3 interest rates! I think Senator Kennedy has the better chance. Of course Chappaquiddick is a minus. What we do as citizens is weigh the pluses and minuses of each candidate and make an overall decision. Kennedy’s plain physical courage in running despite the assassination of both his brothers is one of the personal pluses for him that is now sinking in. Another is his refusal to quit despite obscene insistence in the media that he do so. Another is his good humor and patience under torrents of abuse and tons of pressure. Courage, fight, and grace under pressure these, too, are elements in Kennedy’s character. We also have his votes cast on 8,500 roll-calls in 17 years in the United States Senate. He has proved himself, on the record, a Democrat’s Democrat and a liberal’s liberal. As the New York Times reported, that record clearly shows that Kennedy believes the government should “protect the underprivileged from the money and power of the privileged, especially big business.” He is a champion of civil rights, national health insurance, tax and labor law reform, health and jobs programs, antitrust legislation, disarmament, detente, and withholding aid from dictatorships. To control inflation he wants an immediate six-month freeze on wages, prices, profits, dividends, interest rates, and rents. He slams Carter’s budget cuts because they cut the poor. Although he has voted for maintaining military defenses, he also voted against the B-1 bomber, the ABM, and deployment of the MX, and he decries Carter or anyone else leading us into “Cold War II” through a return to “Cold War hysteria.” Hey this is the guy. Thinking a lot about Al Lowenstein, I was one of hundreds of thousands of people who decided to come on in and work for Kennedy this year. I live now in the northeast San Antonio precinct that sprawls just north of Alamo Heights, one of the city’s concentrations of wealthier people. Thinking a lot, too, about the late Mrs. R. D. Randolph, and her invariant insistence that “the thing to do is work in your precincts,” I undertook to organize my precinct for Kennedy. It turned out there were a number of good people ready to help do this, and in one area of the precinct around “Cementville,” a company town within the city, Joe Luna and I went door-to-door seeing MexicanAmerican voters. We split the precinct even with the Carter people. In the county-level conventions on May 10, Kennedy won Bexar County clearly, and I take it he has about a third of the delegates to the state convention in June. Because of the McGovern reforms in its rules, the Democratic Party now works properly to express the wishes of those who care enough to attend its conventions. For example, in my senatorial district convention, \(that of Bexar County in the 21st senatorial dispercent, so in proportion they got 26 and 16, respectively, of the delegates to the state convention. Despite a certain heavyhandedness by the Carter clique in control, the convention was fair. our evening at Shenanigans. For starters, join us for double drinks for the price of singles, served Mon. eiru Fri. 4 to 7, Mon. thru Thurs. 10 to 12 midnight, or Fri. & Sat. 12 midnight til closing. Or come over for Chicken Cordon Bleu, Beer Batter Shrimp, Braised Sirloin Tips on Rice, Alaskan King Crab, & our famous Canadian Cheese Soup. Serving dinner daily at 5:30. A great way to tip off, or top off your evening. [ SHENAmaNiNfil Barton Springs at S. First, Austin, Texas, 512/476-4838 26 MAY 23, 1980