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Clements and Bush at the Capitol. Continued from page 4 strongly believes that Clements’ vow of neutrality was a fancy evasion of the real issue here . . . well, how should we say it? Oh gosh, what we heard on the street was “the governor was chickenshit.” Republican politics in Texas is rapidly becoming vast and murky. Close to a half-million voters cast ballots in this year’s GOP primary. In the final tally, Reagan captured 52 percent of the vote to Bush’s 47 percent, with 1 percent uncommitted. A record voter turnout combined with the close split between the party’s moderate candidate, Bush, and arch-conservative, Reagan, will no doubt be the object of intense scrutiny by state Republicans, particularly holders of statewide office, namely Gov. Clements. The primary returns may cause state GOP incumbents and challengers to be less sure of where their own 8 MAY 23, 1980 Photos by Alan Pogue A rally for Reagan at the LBJ Library in Austin \(left top and bottom; right middle and Clements and Reagan at the Capitol