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Are you outraged by the collapse of our foreign & domestic policies? Who will challenge our mad rush to war? Will our parties give us no choice . . . again? Will you stay home or waste your vote . . . again? Now we all can see that America’s political system has stopped working. Convention platform fights won’t point toward solutions. One time independent candidates won’t solve our problems. Independents only leave us with failed hopes and campaign debts. If just 5% of the voters say farewell to the major parties on November 4 by voting for the Commoner/Harris ticket, there will be a long overdue realignment in 1981, 1982 . . . 1984. Because 5% guarantees the Citizens’ Party several million dollars of federal financing after the election. And then $9-$12 million more to mount campaigns of real debate and real choices for the White House . . . the Congress .. . and state houses and city halls in the 1980’s. Thousands of citizens, in every state and well over 100 chapters, have already begun doing the vital work to forge a new party out of the current crisis. They know that 5% may be less than four million votes and that tens of millions are demanding change. In the last week of April, America’s most prestigious opinion poll reported that 40% of all voting age people desire the formation of a third party. In the debates and campaign this year, the Citizens’ Party will advocate these initial policy goals: Putting the giant, multinational corporations that dominate our lives and our economy under public controls. Public control of the energy industries. Phasing-out of nuclear power. All-out development of solar energy. Sharp reversals in military spending and conversion of some weapons production to civilian uses. Vigorous action against sexism and racism. Price controls for the necessities: food, fuel, housing and health care. Decentralized economic planning to rebuild our cities, railroads, and natural areas, as well as to create full employment. A renewed commitment to human rights at home and abroad. Strong support for small business, the family farm and community initiatives. But first we need your help. Help us stop this war before Carter pushes the button. Help us stop this recession before more millions are out of work. Help this nation come to its senses. Join with and become the Citizens’ Party in your community. Or-5 Barry Commoner for President / LaDonna Harris for Vice-President 111111111111111111111M1101111111111111111111111101111M111111111M1111111M111111101111111MINIMIII s IN in THE CITIZENS’ PARTY, 525 13th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004 a [12 YES! I agree with the need for a new party. Count me in as a supporter of a le in the Citizens’ Party and the important changes it is seeking … isi IN IN Enclosed is my contribution of $1000 $250 $100 $25 $ IN Name Address telephone: N IN City State Zip IN IN Please credit $18 of my contribution so I can be a participating member and in receive receive the Party newsletter. m Authorized and paid for by the Citizens Party. not by any candidate’s committee. T 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111immIlimemsommmmums CITIZENS’ PARTY 14 MAY 9, 1980