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AN EXAMPLE OF COPING, as reported by the Washington Post, 3-26-80: The recession may not have arrived yet for the rest of the country, but for area small businesses the future is now and bleak. For them, the squeeze is already on, with high interest rates, unwilling lenders and a slump in the housing industry all adding more strain to the normally difficult task of surviving as a small business. “The small entrepreneurs are out in the first trench,” said Charles S. Caldwell, a partner in the Commodore Hotel corporation. “After the tanks roll over the first trench, they’re going to hit all the rest of y’all.” Caldwell and his partner have been hit by rapidly rising interest rates on the money they borrowed to buy out other interests and to improve the hotel. “When I signed this note last June, it was 13 1/4 percent, or high enough, and now it’s over 21 1/2 percent,” said Caldwell. “I’m kind of fortunate to be hit with these escalating costs going into the best season of the year in April, but you’re supposed to be putting your chestnuts away for the winter,” said Caldwell. “I’m giving all my chestnuts to the bank.” HELP US SURVIVE THE CARTER RECESSION: 1,f stay with us when you’re in Washington Che Commo?ore efotel heed Billie Carr’s appeal 520 N. Capitol Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20001 “The little Hotel on the Hill, owned and operated by Texans.” Chuck Caldwell, Chairman of the Board Democratic National Committeewoman BILLIE CARR REPORTS .. . In 1976, we voted for Carter. In 1977, we still had hope. In 1978, we began to doubt. In 1979, we made excuses. In 1980, we must make a change. Please join us in supporting SENATOR EDWARD KENNEDY for the Presidential Nomination It’s easy. Without delay, send us a postcard today with your name, address, zip code, phone number including area code to: Billie Carr, 4600 Main, Suite 208, Houston, Texas 77002. Or Vote for Kennedy in the May 3rd Democratic Primary. Go back to the polls at 7:15 on May 3 to attend your precinct convention and sign up for Kennedy. AMERICA NEEDS KENNEDY IN THE WHITE HOUSE WE MUST HELP PUT HIM THERE Pol. Adv. Pd. for by Billie Carr Expense Fund, 4600 Main, Houston, Texas. 14 APRIL 25, 1980