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Postmaster: If undeliverable, send Form 3579 to The Texas Observer, 600 W. 7th, Austin, Texas 78701 Dialogue / the legendary RAW DEAL Steaks, Chops, Chicken open lunch and evenings 605 Sabine, Austin No Reservations Something happening I am excited by Rod Davis’ assumption of the Observer editorship, my excitement sparked by Mr. Davis’ poignant essay, “South Toward Home.” I believe it demonstrates his awareness that something is happening “out there.” I concur in that belief, having recently been propelled by the same sense to give up a promising career and a lifetime in the city to become a small-town lawyer. In doing so, I have already discovered that I am not alone. A growing number of people have discerned that something is going wrong in the cities, that the economy is souring, and that freedom is no longer really achievable there, so dominant have the bureaucratic structures become. The Observer has always been a political journal. But I think it has occasionally forgotten that politics is much more than political institutions and their workings. In the end it comes down to individuals and families attempting to cope with life on a daily basis. As times become increasingly tough economically, as they are likely to do in the near future, I think the Observer can offer positive, freedom-nurturing solutions to the problems which befall us as members of American society. I s would hope that the Observer will focus not only on institutional problems and proposed solutions, but on those of individuals as well. Self-sufficiency and a return to simpler lifestyles will become increasingly important, and I trust that the Observer’s pages will be filled with tales of individuals who are approaching those goals. So that others of us may learn from their successes and failures, and be able in our own individual battles to feel that we are not all alone. I welcome Rod Davis’ editorship and hope that the promises he makes and goals he sets at the outset will be fulfilled in future issues of the Observer. Paul Taparauskas Burnet X:Y as Carter: Reagan The irony of liberal Democrats’ support of President Carter on the premise that if we don’t elect Carter we may end up with someone far worse namely, Reagan is that Carter is already far worse than Reagan is or is ever likely to 24 APRIL 11, 1980 be. Carter has done far more to promote the kinds of things we once feared “from a Reagan” than anything a real Reagan could have done! Liberal Democrats would never have stood by docilely and let a real Reagan get away with the things they have let Carter get away with. The trouble with the psychology of voting for undesirable “X” through fear of getting an even more undesirable “Y” is that one day you wake up and discover that “X” is “Y” or even worse. The added irony is that liberal Democrats end up justifying themselves by having to support “X” positions they would have found repugnant under “Y”. Therefore, my support for Ronald Reagan against Jimmy Carter is based not on cynicism or sarcasm, but on a realistic assessment of the situation. Reagan certainly cannot be any worse than Carter, with the added prospect or advantage that once he is elected we would at least, once again, get to see liberal Democrats occupied in their traditional roles as adversaries, rather than proponents, of brinkmanship regression. Bob Grafton La Marque Riesman wrong In “An Untimely Mediation” [Obs., Feb. l] David Riesman makes a completely uncalled for attack on the antinuclear power movement, which he sees as composed of. “the educated elite at selective colleges,” who don’t care a whit about the dangers of the arms race. Riesman fails to explain why it is precisely the opponents of nuclear power who have been among the most vocal opponents of nuclear weapons as well. It’s hard to understand how building nuclear power plants is going to halt the MX missile. There are many pressing issues facing us today, from racism, poverty, lack of rights, lousy education, environmental degradation, moral impoverishment, to name only a few, and to address ourselves to any of them cannot possibly harm world peace. If Mr. Riesman wants to condemn somebody for the weapons build-up a good place to start would be the political leaders responsible and not the grass-roots citizenry. Jonathan Carson Austin Isn’t it time we started to stress the spiritual aspects of funerals rather than the material? At Reveley Memorial Services we believe the truly dignified funeral is the simplest possible funeral. Money lavished on the vanity and theatre of conventionally expensive funerals, money literally put into the ground, could be much better utilized, in a living memorial, by your church, your charity, your family. TO assure that your wishes are carried out and to spare your family the possibility of being sold a high priced funeral you personally would not want, contact us to learn more about our pre-need program. 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