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f.b A.C.A.12 et Bulk? 4:5t Bank `7.Bcnt’ ouzo Politics in., Texas By BILL COLLIER send me the next year of INQUIRY for $15.00, newsstand price. 40% off the regular 1 yr $15.00 Bill My: 2 yrs $27.50 VISA 3 yrs $35.00 MasteiCharge Account # Expiration date Signature Name Street City State Zip Please return to: INQUIRY, P.O. Box 2500, Menlo Park, California 94025 or CALL TOLL FREE: 800-621-5809 INQUIRY Not just another East Coast establishment rag. When Bill Collier and all the other young idealists joined Bob Bullock’s staff in 1975, they thought they were undertaking a grand experiment in good govern ment. But it soon turned into a nightmare. “From drinking and partying on state time, we moved on to misleading the legislature and other state officials and then on to plotting how to use the power of the office to settle Bullock’s personal grudges,” says Collier. The story ended with many of the young idealists quitting and Bullock sitting in his office under virtual siege, jabbing pins in a Haitian voodoo doll. It’s all there in the Feb. 4 issue of INQUIRY, a magazine that’s something altogether different. If you don’t read INQUIRY, here’s what you’re missing: Texas Justice \(GLENN GARVIN on how in Texas a killer often wears a policeman’s t -Ji Don’t Mess With Bill \(SAM ATTLESEY on the governor’s strange relationThe Great Western Water Swindle \(STEPHEN CHAPMAN on how federal irrigation Cutting Taxes in California \(TIM FERGUSON with the first major report on Proposition 13, before The West Takes on Washington \(JOSEPH SELDNER on the growing resistance to repressive How Connally Bent The Rap \(Coming in INQUIRY Feb. 18 the crimes Big John never stood Act now and get the next year of INQUIRY for just $15.00. THE VOICE OF THE NEW POLITICS.