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Hand in hand An article in the latest issue of Texas Hospitals, the monthly magazine of the Texas hospital lobby, reminded us of the sorry role the state’s delegation to Congress had in gutting the hospital cost containment bill in November. Eighteen Texans in the House voted to substitute for the administration’s standby controls bill a measure lauding the health care industry’s voluntary cost-cutting efforts and authorizing a national commission to keep an eye on rising costs. \(Hospital costs have already shot up 1,000 percent since zalez, and Mickey Leland voted against killing standby controls; Kika de la Garza, Ray Roberts, and Jim Wright didn’t vote, but Roberts was paired in favor of the substitute. The Texas Hospitals article, entitled “Voluntary Effort Rewarded by Congress,” offered the profuse thanks of the industry to its Texas friends in the House, singling out Phil Gramm for special honors. The magazine didn’t mention it, but loyalty to the health care industry has earned Gramm and some of his Texas colleagues tangible rewards, too. According to a Common Cause study, Ron Paul is the top House recipient of contributions from the political action committees of the American Medical Association, having received $56,000 in 1976 and 1978; ranking second, third, and fourth nationwide are three other Texans who voted to kill hospital cost Also among the top 50 on the AMA’s gift members who voted industry’s line had received from the AMA a total of $260,500 since 1976. In contrast, the three who voted for controls had received a total of $1,100. Silver linings dept. Here’s a cheerful bit of news from the December issue of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s magazine: though lake-side power plants may be an eyesore and a source of pollution, the discharge of hot water from them makes for good fishing in winter time. It seems that forage fish are attracted by the warmth and the forage fish attract predatory game fish in great numbers, with happy results for savvy fishermen. The Parks and Wildlife paean to power plant fishing goes on for two full pages. But, to be fair, it does note in passing that “much remains to be learned about the effects of artificially heated waters on fish populations.” ..7 l’oi.Of ./f4i1.!1111111,:141. 741.1,1″.4. ‘ AP; illf. -7171/P\(9/1/7l 01; 0 11.1141e1/1161V,’.1Z ./ 0,711/1010,111NIVIWNIVIN, swam’s= /7/,1.7:W.A7aMr77:17; AIISJM///, ‘ I 0/1/VARAPYOIMMII \(//11101.1.41,41,MMINII .7,,,,,az IVI11413ff i r a fr 4drat il/ OLIN 1 Id /WIVIr ‘ eMINEIWIWW11151//Li.407 ir fi r gZ7 Ansiarr ISigigifITA , ..”7,11141r IIINNIMINWIIIIr AI // WW1/ 4/07111W/thr WNW 4//171/717 117″ IlFig: IIIII7,14 lc V.V .,,,,,-.P7, . IA/ y if Idyl \( ‘ ‘ 4 \(1;42′ ;. e’.7. Alf tt 7or P/ ,r ../,_,LIZIAp AI 14.1{2Nte r a ‘ , . HALF ‘ ‘ : PlUCE . . , RECORDS MAG AZ IN ES . . We believe you will find our unusual i stores to be an ‘ unparalleled lode of literary discovery. Our customers tell us I i our big 10,000 square foot main store at 3 4528 McKinney, Dallas, is the best 1 i bookstore west of the Mississippi. They i may be right. Since we will buy anything : ever printed or recorded \(except i yesterday’s we have an astonishing variety: hardcover books, sets, paperbacks, magazines, comics, i journals, pamphlets, LPs, 45s, items dating from the 16th century to last : week! . ,,\\ a DALLAS f a Big Main Store 4528 McKinney : c a I a a a t a FORT WORTH a , ‘ a a s * a in Ridglea Shopping Center a a a a a a a if w AUSTIN a ‘ /4:711, IIP, *Pee / e 1514 Lavaca a ,0,437 7, *” e 6103 Burnet Rd. 1. A* a I SAN ANTONIO s a a –.. Irposiml i 3207 Broadway a c a w HOUSTON a s a 1408 Hyde Park a e a a e : RICHARDSON WACO a e a 508 a a ‘FARMERS BRANCH TEMPLE : Farmers Branch Shopping Center. Towne & Country Mall a Valley View & Josey Lane 1401 S. General Bruce Dr. : s a S ‘ IF YOU ARE an occasional reader and would like to receive The Texas Observer regularlyor if you are a subscriber and would like to have a free sample copy or a one-year gift subscription sent to a friend here’s the order form.: . SEND THE OBSERVER TO. name address city state zip this subscription is for myself gift subscriptionsend card in my name