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Alan Pogue Illusion of the future Song for Tenor of the Times Expedite the satellite, employ the decoy, fake the cake and run, son: art is flow chart. Si Dunn next generations \(I have two grandsons the problem of the disposal of nuclear waste I think are very real. Sinde the dawn of history many advanced civilizations have flourished and vanished with little visible trace. Perhaps ours will be added to the list and it will be left to, cockroaches or lower forms of life to , try again. I hope Science will find the answer before it is too late. I believe that mankind expresses spiritual qualities from time to time in concern for people in distress. I don’t believe in a personal God who answers prayers or has anything to do with human or terrestrial affairs or a future life. I have read the Observer with interest and usual agreement since its first issue, and I think it is sounding the right note in the appeal for a coalition of the progressives in Texas to have a real twoparty state. I am pessimistic about the fate of our civilization, but I am not fatalistic about it. That’s my escape hatch. I will keep on working for humanity until they take my carcass to the cemetery, after the medical students have finished with it. I live from day to day and enjoy the wonders of nature and the happy laughter of little children. I try,to live by the Golden Rule. As the Greek philosophers used to say, “May whatever gods there be preserve us.” D Carl Brannin is a Unitarian Humanist. An epoch ugly, harsh, and bleak By Edward C. Fritz Dallas The environment in Texas will continue to go downhill in the next 25 years. As Texas business leaders continue to invite growth for growth’s sake, more and more companies and people will migrate into Texas from the East and North and Vietnam and everywhere, overpopulating the state and placing a drain on its resources. In spite of an ever-decreasing supply of gasoline, more and more people will operate more and more automobiles. Instead of discouraging them, the Texas Department of Highways will build and widen more roads. Air pollution will increase. More and more Texans will suffer the myriad illnesses that result. Finally, fuel prices will rise so high that the 48 DECEMBER 28, 1979