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’11’4 Our beef and seafood will meat with your approval. It’s prime rib, teriyaki beef, New York strips. It’s fish, Alaskan king crab, Australian lobster. You’ll be satisfied. Careful preparation and special seasonings make the Wharf’s entrees especially delicious. And you’ll have nothing but praise for our generous salad bar. Come in. Enjoy the fine food and service we know you’ll approve of. AUSTIN COLLEGE STATION SAN ANTONIO TEMPI CORPUS CHRISTI VICTORIA PORT ARANSAS BROWNSVILLE HARLINGEN WALLEPI TUCSON Life Insurance and Annuities Martin Elfant, CLU 600 Jefferson St., Houston, TX 77002 &Mire Speakers bureau “As we all begin to look forward to the next decade, many of us are also looking back on the last to see how far we’ve come.” So says a notice ‘we recently received from the University of Houston’s office of media relations. The university wants to help out, by providing a list of professors who are willing to come speak retrospectively to your group. The list of available topics is what caught our eye. Many are just what you’d expecteducational trends, economic trends, alternative lifestyles, Houston politics, the rise of the Sunbelt, the rise of OPEC, and so forth. But some sound like more fun. You can, for instance, get a UH professor to come speak on the development of the soft contact lense. You can also get a sociologist who has written on “the status of sex and the American male for Playboy magazine,” you can get a political scientist identified as a “political consultant for industrial giants,” and our favoriteyou can get a psychologist who has done a study on “the popularity and impact of Charlie’s Angels.” All, we are promised, are “highly articulate and deal very well with a nontechnical audience.” Burnt bridges Gov. William Clements is burning certain bridges behind himself, po litically. His hard-line hostility to the union movement probably had already rendered any prospect of a detente with the Texas AFL-CIO out of the question, but if it hadn’t, a remark he made did. Jousting with the press on the subject of SEDCO, Clements said, “I don’t know of any time I’ve ever agreed with Mr. [Harry] Hubbard on anything.” Hubbard, of course, is the elected head of the Texas AFL-CIO. Clements also said, concerning Ruben Bonilla, head of the 100,000-member National League of United Latin American Citizens: “I have told Ruben to his face to calm down and stay out of my business. He’s a gnat.” Clements passed these remarks in a letter that reached the press. Bonilla said Clements had never told him to mind his own business”The closest he ever came was when I told him that, as our. governor, he could be of great help to Hispanic issues. Clements replied, ‘No, Ruben, I’m not your governor. You people voted for John Hill.’ Create a positive first impression with your next paper or report. Complete your project with one of our inexpensive bindings to create your own special effect. Remember, first impressions can have lasting effects. Ginn/ s Bindery Services Austin, exas 2700 2021 4\\1. Anderson Lane Gua da lupe Call 476-9171 for details Copying is our middle name but not our only service Ginny’s Copying Service, Inc. DECEMBER 14, 1979 “. ..4. Mir 6,-, T.,