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Life Insurance and Annuities Martin Elfant, CLU Stith 600 Jefferson St., Houston, TX 77002 OF CANADA Our beef and seafood will meat with your approval. It’s prime rib, teriyaki beef, New York strips. It’s fish, Alaskan king crab, Australian lobster. You’ll be satisfied. Careful preparation and special seasonings make the Wharf’s entrees especially delicious. And you’ll have nothing but praise for our generous salad bar. Come in. Enjoy the fine food and service we know you’ll approve of. f AUSTIN COLLEGE STATION SAN ANTONIO TEMPLE CORPUS CHRISTI VICTORIA PORT ARANSAS BROWNSVILLE HARLINGEN McALLEN TUCSON grounds in time to hear Lt. Gov. Smith call for screwworm eradication. I have heard so many tales about Pappy O’Daniel’s inauguration, I was hoping for a mob, and festive scenes, maybe even a free meal, you know. The Austin American had predicted 100,000, although just for what, I am not sure; but you know, there was not a soul on the huge sloping fields of grass that are the right corner of ‘the grounds, nor on the left field, either, except for some Negro schoolchildren, playing around the reflecting pool. The crowd fit nicely onto the sidewalk and the streets, with a light overflow onto the yard of the Capitol; six or ten thousand, was a lovely day, and the schools and state offices had time off for the inaugunot keep my mind on the proceedings; I kept watching kids climbing around on a cannon, and dreaming of an inauguration with big barbecue pits dug in the Capitol grass, and farmers hauling in their gift cows, and ranchers, their goats, and housewives their potato salads and pies. From the archway honoring Bonham and Bowie at the monument of the heroes of the Alamo, I could see the governor as he spoke: he was framed nicely for me, between two triangles of red, white, and blue bunting that were suspended from a television platform. “On this day, a new voice speaks in Texas, not the voice of one man alone, but the voice of all Texans united,” he said. . . . Orange-winged jets zoomed overhead, as they were to do for the rest of the long official afternoon; and helicopters; and B-52s, like. trucks in the sky; the day’s military splendor was enough to give Don Yarborough pause about running against Connally again. “Texas now reaches for greatness,” Connally said; “There are no magic formulas, no easy directions.” As he closed with an appeal for divine guidance, a group of men in the crowd tried to cut off a water faucet that had been turned on by someone who must have carried off the handle. A little ‘hungry, and still hoping for a free lunch, I made my way toward my favorite pecan trees, which stand at the west edge of the grounds. A lady in a cloth coat, who was following, by a goodly distance, two ladies in furs, caught my ear with her remark to a companion, -“Don’t tell me the Democratic people are the poor folks! I never saw so many mink capes in my life!” Most of the public pecans had been gathered by the passers-by, but they had not scoured the deep hollow underneath the big tree, and sure enough, I found four down there, the little native pecans that taste the best; especially when they’re free, on inauguration day. R. D. Live music Mon-Sat Brazos and E. 4th Streets 0 ustin’s liveliest nitespot 478-4175 eV% 4t u ipamsomminummossibelivbwalwasseessunqw 29 THE TEXAS OBSERVER