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Sunday Brunch Dinner 5:30-10:00 Tues.-Sun. 502 Dawson Road Austin, Texas 2\(otit.1-ttote, IA, -9.0:k? , c\( arivt 4tia4 wilckeyo [pc f’4.4. [44-/614410\(1,vc\( \\ibi-,4\(14104/,41 evaNtkoo trotttote 114 speaker. I think this is also true of the lieutenant governor. Uh, I feel very strongly that, uh . . . you certainly have the right to do what you’ve been doing. I want to compliment you on having a very peaceful, a very orderly march. I hope it will remain so, and, uh, I want to ask you today to, as you proceed, if you, uh, insist on proceeding, with the march, then, uh, I want to ask you to be, uh, very careful to see that the march, uh, does remain, uh, very orderly. NOVARRO: That’s why Father Gonzales and I are co-chairmen of the march, and this is a march for justice, and it is being held on the principle of human dignity. And honor. .. . GONZALES: Governor, I wanted to ask another question. . . . We feel that many more every year die a tragic death of hunger. . . . How would you answer that to them [Latins]? CONNALLY: Well, Father, I’m answering it by my presence here today. These are the people as I understand it who have been marching . . . and I’m here today to tell you that I am aware of the problems and I am concerned about the problems, and we’ve been trying in every way that we know how to do something about it. . . . You must know that with the use of poverty funds that we have engaged in a program of adult education . . . We’re certainly aware that one of the basic roots of the problems, the social problems, the economic problems, revolve around education of people, and, uh, so we have done everything that we know how to do and will continue to do it in order to try to upgrade the, uh, the quantity and the quality of education. .. . EUGENE NELSON [leader of Starr County strikers]: We appreciate your being hereI hope you’ll be in Austin on Labor Day. CONNALLY: No, I, I will not be in Austin on Labor Day, and that’s why I came down here today, to say that I would not be there . . . We did, I did not want, nor did the speaker nor the lieutenant governor, want our absence to be interpreted by you or anyone else as an indication of lack of interest in the problems of Texas. . . . Now as I told Father Gonzales and Rev. Novarro a moment ago, I THE BRAZOS BOOK SHOP 803 Red River Austin. Texas Literature and the Fine Arts new and used books Monday through Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Featuring Local Presses and Authors: Including Thorp Springs Press. Prickly Pear Press. Texas Circuit. Encino Press. Shoal Creek Publishers, Jenkins Publishing. Place of Herons Press, and many others Printers Stationers Mailers Typesetters High Speed Web Offset Publication Press Counseling Designing Copy Writing Editing Trade Computer Sales and Services Complete Computer Data Processing Services t .. iimrvia .vIr -=-7-;–;— Pms . u , ulna 512/442-7836 1714 South Congress P.O. Box 3485 Austin, Texas 78764 24 AUGUST 24, 1979