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_ tg -01 1000 West Lynn, Austin, Texas 478-3001 Store hours: Mon-Sat 9:30-7, Sun 12-6 .x ’01 and Associates 502 W. 15th Street Austin, Texas 78701 REALTOR “5 Representing all types of properties in Austin and Central Texas Interesting & unusual properly a specialty 477-3651 SUNDAY Viva, the casually elegant cafe in THE VILLAGE garden. 2700 W. Anderson Ln. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 13 The Wall Street Rose You’d be hard-pressed to find a banker anywhere in the country who can find fault with President Carter’s appointment of New Yorker Paul Volcker to head the Federal Reserve Board. But it fell to Texas Commerce Bancshares chairman Ben Love to award Volcker what the Houston Post called “a Houstonian’s highest accolade.” According to Post business writer Clayton Cox, Love “compared the nominee to Earl Campbell on a football field. ‘They’re both professionals,’ Love said.” . . . the simple beauty of stained birch paneling, Oriental-style carpeting and brass sconces .. . Bound to be the rage with the Capitol set . . .” Texas Monthly February 1979 Clements on ’80 Gov. Bill Clements thinks John Connally is leading the race for Texans’ votes in next year’s Republican presidential primary. That’s what he told U.S. News & World Report in a poll taken at the National Governors Conference this month, but he was the only GOP governor to say Connally was ahead in his state. Later, Jon Ford, the governor’s press secretary, confirmed this report, telling the Observer that Clements “told [U.S. News] Connally was first, Reagan second, and Bush third, way back.” Ford went on to say that Clements doesn’t intend to support anyone in the Republican primary, because “Bush and Connally are both friends of his for 30 or more years and helped him out in the campaign, and Reagan helped him too.” Of the other 16 Republican governors responding to the U.S. News poll, eight report Reagan to be ahead in their states, one mentioned Baker \(that was Tennessee governor Lamar Alexander, of views of Democratic governors were also solicited: 12 think Carter is leading in their states, six think Kennedy is ahead, and four are uncertain. What Gov. Jerry Brown of California thinks is still a mystery; he apparently did not respond to the magazine’s query. Black hats, white hats The latest list of the top ten bad guys and top ten good guys of the 66th Legislature appears in the August issue of Texas Business magazine, and this time the “ten toughest good guys” are “advocates of conservative, probusiness government.” Who are these worthies? None other than Bill Moore, Tom Creighton, Bob Davis, Bob McFarland, Bill Meier, Lee Jackson, Gib Lewis, Nub Donaldson, Bennie Bock, and Lynn Nabers. You’ll be happy to hear that “some of the most talented and capable members of the Legislature ride shotgun” for the other side, but are “no less sincere or dedicated in their beliefs than are the men in the white hats.” The Observer’s hat is off to the men in the black hats: John Bryant, Babe Schwartz, Lance Lalor, John Wilson, Oscar Mauzy, Lloyd Doggett, Craig Washington, Ron Coleman, David Cain, and Ron Clower. Rich folks Texas has 21,051 millionaires, ac cording to figures compiled from many sources by the U.S. Trust Corporation. This makes Texas tenth among the states in millionaire population. New York has the most, 51,031, followed by 33,509 in California. With 84 millionaires, Wyoming has the fewest. Conversation Bar Jim LeMond-Proprietor Happy Hour 4-7 1300 Colorado Bar Catering Available 472-9808 Austin, Texas