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THE WOW LINCII $444011 THAT TO NNW ftt*. PRICE Texas Farmers E Union 1100 LAKE AIR DR. WACO, TEXAS 76710 817 772-7220 the legendary RAW DEAL Steaks, Chops, Chicken open lunch and evenings 605 Sabine, Austin No Reservations 15 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 4012’5 PROOST! Duval is an extraordinary Belgian ale, a ‘strong ale” twice fermented, naturally brewed with only Czechoslovakian hops and Danish barley matt, blonde and incomparably smooth. It is the product of one of Europe’s last small family-run breweries, the Brouwerij Moortgat, and it is available outside of Europe in only one place, Texas. Try it! Distributed by Shiner Beer Distributing Co. 204 E. 4th, Austin, Texas 78701 THE BRAZOS BOOK SHOP 803 Red River Austin, Texas Literature and the Fine Arts new and used books Monday through Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Featuring Local Presses and Authors: Including Thorp Springs Press, Prickly Pear Press, Texas Circuit, Encino Press. Shoal Creek Publishers, Jenkins Publishing, Place of Herons Press, and many others A Texas Tradition Since 1866 No games, no gimmicks, no loud music. Just good conversation with the most interesting people in Austin. And the best of downhome cooking. 1607 San Jacinto Closed Sundays 477-4171 3> rA rn cr. tions, among them Gulf Oil Chemicals Company, Houston Oil and Minerals Corporation, KIN-ARK, Big Three, and Gulf Publishing Company. \(This last, the publishing arm of Gulf Oil, puts out a plethora of technical and trade journals, among them World Oil; McKetta was their overall editorial director from 1952 ernment. He is a member of the Texas Governor’s Advisory Commission on Energy, the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Marine Resources, and he was appointed by President Nixon in 1970 to the National Energy Policy Committee. A colleague, speaking about McKetta during a 1978 award ceremony, asked the audience, “How do you introduce a man who last year gave an interview on the energy crisis to an industrial company that saw fit to publish it in a double-page spread in the Wall Street Journal?” Nuclear power was played up at the science gathering, conservation and solar energy played down. E. Lynn Draper, assistant to the chairman of Gulf States Utilities and a former UT professor, flatly declared that the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island would have no perceptible health effects. He also proclaimed nuclear energy to be the cheapest way today to generate electricity, saying such plants can withstand the onslaught of inflation better than any other energy industry. He must not have read recent news stories about leading banks that are withdrawing their financial backing of nuclear-powered utilities, finding them to be financially unsound. Despite the fact that the Carter administration’s own conservative estimates indicate that 25 percent of the nation’s energy needs could be supplied through solar energy by the year 2000, the students and teachers were told that no more than 4 percent of America’s needs could be met through solar technology by 2000. In his lecture, “Solar Energy Today and Tomorrow,” visiting professor John Howell expressed his skepticism over the possibilities solar energy offers for meeting a large portion of future energy needs. But Howell assured his audience that there is some use for the sun’s energyhe closed his lecture by showing a slide projection of a man in a cart beaming sunlight through a magnifying glass onto a donkey’s hindquarters. The TAERF rewarded the participants who sat through all this with a formal commencement and presentation of graduation certificates, as though the whole thing had been real. Edward Humes Labor Day in Acapulco.. . August 30 to September 3 Single: $303; Double: $254 Triple: $238; Quad: $229 Package Includes: roundtrip airfare, airport/hotel transfers, four nights at the Holiday Inn, cocktail party, glass bottom boat ride, dinner at La Perla, hotel taxes, and maid tips. Ne P14.111 Al lm sti ox\\e patI .1″ 2.11-29 304 us t S 62 p,a .2 t t Oit AO A tir Double: $139; Triple: $129 Package includes: roundtrip airfare, air port/hotel transfers, tour of New Orleans, two nights at New Orleans Prince Conti, Mississippi cruise on steamboat Natchez