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HALF PRICE, RECORDS MAG Az IN ES ,” has been moved to the convention center arena. Marina Pisano wrote in SA, “There really is a quasi-kingdom of Old San Antonio, a small, tightly-knit circle of old families and old money. And yes, they really do have a kind of royal dynasty going here. . . . The Texas Cavaliers, in full dress uniform, traditionally anoint one of their own as King Antonio in a solemn ceremony at the Alamo. . . . The Order of the Alamo elects not only a queen, but the whole royal court of princess, duchesses, dukes, prime minister, lord high chamberlain and pages.” As one Old Family member explained to Pisano, “You have to understand, this is a very inner circle thing.” Nothing is ever made of it, but the king and the queen are always anglos. True, Linda Cadena, as “Miss Fiesta” chosen by the Festival San Jacinto Association, will preside at many Fiesta events. But to become Queen of the Order of the Alamo, as Pisano wrote. first of all “be born into a very Anglo. very old, Old San Antonio family.” In a city with more Mexican-Americans than anglos, this is hard to believe, so I asked my friend Maury Maverick Jr., to make sure. “Oh, yeah,” he said, “the king’s anglo, all the queens. There are plenty of MexicanAmericans in the parade, but no kings and queens. One time I recommended making Albert Petia King Antonio and G. J. Sutton the lord chamberlain or something, and everybody got upset.” The standard explanation is that it doesn’t amount to anythingit’s just ceremonialwho cares? But if nobody cares, why does everybody get upset when the question is raised? This is the kind of taboo that keeps real aristocracies securely in place while the appearances of change swirl around like leaves in a devil’s eye. With MexicanAmericans and blacks silently excluded from the ceremonial pinnacles of the city’s marvelous, but racist Fiesta, San Antonio is still the city of then, not now. As Edward D. Hodge III, vice president of the lending division of First Federal Savings and Loan and the chairman of the Coronation, visualized it, on April 25, while about 8,000 people look on, “The Symphony . . . will be front of the stage. . . . Each duchess will promenade down one of the long ramps as her duke approaches the stage on the other ramp. She will exit on the opposite ramp, so the entire crowd gets a good look at her train. The queen and princess will do the same.” IN WACO: 25TH & COLUMBUS IN FORT WORTH: 6301 CAMP BOWIE BLVD. IN AUSTIN: 1514 LAVACA 6103 BURNET RD. DUMP CLEMENTS NVI1 NUCLEAR WASTE Reid & Write Enterprises P.O. Box 12126, Austin 78711 Austin’s Authentic Arredondo Mexican Recipes JORGE’S 2204 Hancock, 454-1980 CASITA JORGE’S 2538 Elmont, 442-9091 JorgeChief Cook & Pearl Diver WELCOME TO THE 66TH SESSION ROY’S TAXI INC 476-6911 2-WAY RADIO EQUIPPED 24 HOUR SERVICE SE HABLA ESPANOL SINCE 1931 IN DALLAS: 4528 McKINNEY AVE. 209 S. AKARD, downtown RICHARDSON: 508 LOCKWOOD FARMERS BRANCH SHOPPING CTR. SW CORNER, VALLEY VIEW Affiliate of the F I ii I’m not a joiner, but here’s a contribution. $ NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR THE REFORM OF MARIJUANA LAWS 1007 S. Congress, #353, Austin 78704 1 No. Nothing is ever “almost legal.” Especially marijuana. Last year alone almost 50,000 people were arrested for marijuana offenses in Texas. Of these, 94% were for simple possession. Eleven states have decriminalized the personal use of marijuana. The American Medical Association, American Bar Association, National Council of Churches, National Education Association, and President Jimmy Carter have all urged the other states to do the same. But in Texas and in most states the arrests continue. You don’t have to smoke marijuana to realize it’s today’s marijuana laws that are criminal. Join Texas NORML. Help us put an end to this “reefer madness.” Send the following Texas NORML. product : Texas NORML T-Shirts $5 each L Please include 75 cents postage & handling. NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP I I I I I 22 APRIL 27, 1979