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The Restaurant Where the era of fine dining is recaptured. Dinner Tuesday-Sunday Sunday Brunch Fine Wines and Bar -4. AN. …A, Rio Grande at 17th St. Austin, Texas 512/477-9948 Ix ts A Texas Tradition Since 1866 No games, no gimmicks, no loud music. Just good conversation with the most interesting people in Austin. And the best of downhome cooking. 1607 San Jacinto Closed Sundays 477-4171 “that nice little Italian restaurant” ANTIPASTO BAR NEW MENU LUNCH/DINNER Happy Hour 4:30-7:00 . Reservations call 47677202 Conveniently 16eated at 1601 Guadalupe A Great Place .. . . . . for Continental Steaks and French Cuisine. . . . for Irish Coffee, plus the finest selection of Brandies & Cognacs. . . . for the most unique dining experience in Austin. The Old Pecan St. Cafe 31 4 East 6th St. Open 8 a.m. until 2 at night. Free parking, S.W. Corner 7th & Trinity.” you had sold out. The mood, the credo, of the inner circle of the Harris County Democrats then could be summed up in the words attributed to longtime liberal spokeswoman Billie Carr: ‘It’s not always a matter of winning; there’s nothing wrong with losing.’ ” Jordan, of course, had every intention of winning. From her first days in the Texas Senate, liberals faulted her for cozying up to the bad ol’ boys, and her reminiscences about the Senate will have libs gnashing their teeth. She writes more about conservative Sen. Dorsey Hardeman than she does about her natural allies, no doubt because her conquest of Hardeman was an early indication of how wide a swath she would cut in politics. Jordan describes Hardeman as “the best of breed of the old school” in the Senate. I would describe him as wily and mean. A man who served in the Senate back then remembers Hardeman’s saying before Jordan arrived, “That nigger is comin’ up from Houston and we don’t have any pancakes for her.” Pancakes, hell, he was soon sending her yellow roses, and inviting her into his office for an afternoon toddy. “Now, that is really in, when you can do that,” Jordan writes. Her basic strategy was simply to stand above any stereotypes the senators might have, and to adopt their concept of the Senate as an exclusive club. “I wanted them to know that I was coming to be a senator, and I wasn’t going to lead any charge. I was not coming carrying the flag and singing, ‘We Shall Overcome.’ I was coming to work and I wanted to get that message communicated personally.” Find out what all the talk is about. There’s more to the difference between Ales & Beers than words alone. Try a few Duvel Ales today, the only authentic, European-brewed, import ale made 100 percent naturally without chemical additives in the traditional old-world fashion. 17 THE TEXAS OBSERVER ?114.: 1,!..”4.R. .At Ye. >tarslt.”.