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The S&L blues Are Texas’ savings and loan com panies so pinched financially that they must be rescued by government, as proposed by Sen. Bill Meier’s bill to do away with the long-standing usury ceiling on home loans? Not according to the latest annual report of Kaneb Services, the energybased conglomerate that recently bought the state’s second-largest savings chain, United Savings Association. Kaneb reports that its new subsidiary enjoyed an 18 percent increase in profits last year, “despite steadily-increasing moneymarket interest rates throughout 1978.” While USA claims that its cost of obtaining money to lend has put a “squeeze on the company’s primary spread,” the overall average of that cost was up only half a percent in ’78, and the company more than compensated for that by making “more mortgage loans at higher rates than in any other year, reflecting the continuing strong demand for housing in all operating areas.” Indeed, Kaneb is so bullish on the future of the savings industry in Texas that it intends to build two more branch offices of USA and open up for business in still another major metropolitan area. Next case About half of all black men suffer daily from a problem few white men ever know”razor bumps.” This is a condition caused by shaving, which literally sharpens the tips of their tightly curled facial hair, the result being that the beard then becomes painfully ingrown. The only remedy in at least one out of five cases is to abstain from shaving. Even the U.S. Army recently cut through decades of red tape to change its clean-shave rule, allowing military men who suffer from the malady to wear closely cropped beards. Now comes Safeway, the supermarket giant, some of whose stores have a nobeard rule for their employees. A young black shelf-stocker who suffered from a severe case of razor bumps was fired by a Safeway manager in Hampton, Virginia, because he had a beard. He took the multinational corporation to court, claiming that since his problem is unique to his race and since his beard is a necessary medical solution, the firing violated his civil rights. Safeway Stores, Inc., fought the man all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and beat him. The justices refused to review the lower courts’ ruling that the supermarket was merely trying to maintain an “image of cleanliness” necessary to luring customers, and that it therefore had a “legitimate business purpose” for prohibiting beards. THE CO=PRICE ” WOO LOW TO OIANGR TOM TO KEW Texas Farmers Union For the Sport in your Life. RUNNING CLOTHING TENNIS SOCCER it7 -7 Sporting Feet DOBIE MALL 2021 GUADALUPE AUSTIN. TX 78705472.8610 Bob and Sara Roebuck Anchor National Financial Services . ‘,11 and Associates E 502 W. 15th Street Austin, Texas 78701 REALTOR Representing at types of properties in Austin and Central Texas Interesting & unusual property a specially 477-3651 800 LAKE MR DR. WACO, TEXAS 76710 817 772-7220 1524 E. Anderson Lane, Austin bonds stocks insurance mutual funds optional retirement program 11111k t re illgramM811111111011141,001 1111181111 I , limmi GLIM 0 0 Live music Mon-Sat razos and E. 4th Streets Austin’s liveliest nitespot 4784175 04 me% etviesmeammeiltmoi: woombassemolvmsolbswww, THE TEXAS OBSERVER 15