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Exposed for the first time: the secret behind Texas Politics! Now you can play the game, just like the ‘pros’ in Austin. If you’re tired of being the victim of Texas Politics, here’s your chance to fight back! The. Texas Politics game comes in a beautiful, hand crafted Honduran mahogany . box, lined in cedar. Are You Game? Master Charge or Visa available. Please send card number. Or, send check, money order, surplus campaign contributions and laundered funds to: PoliTex 815 Brazos Suite 703 Austin, Texas 78701 The amazingly authentic directions for play are faithfully illustrated with original works from Texas political cartoonist Ben Sargent. Order now for Christmas. The ‘ perfect gift for the knowledgeable; an education for the uninitiated.. . Deluxe Edition $30.00 plus $2.50 tax & handling. Incredibly Deluxe $100.00 plus $6.00 tax & handling. \(The Incredibly. Deluxe has brass hardware on the box and is a limited, numbered edition signed . Enter 1-year gift subscriptions for: Special Holiday Rates the regular price. A second subscription is $12. Each additional gift is only $7. And you get to tell us when to send the bill. New gift subscriptions will begin with the issue published in late December, and we’ll send a greeting card announcement of your gift in time to arrive just before Christmas . . . or we can adapt to any special instructions such as begin the subscriptions earlier and/or send the gift announcements direct to you. remind us, when you place the order, to deduct the cost of the phone call from your subscription bill. The Texas Observer 600 West 7th Austin, Texas 78701 Name Street City_ State Is this a renewal? Zip Sign gift card from Name Street City State Is this a renewal? Zip Sign gift card from Your Name Street City State Zip Shall we enter or extend your own subscription? yes no If “yes” please indicate: new or renewal. check enclosed send bill on