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Come Join Us! Texas Consumer Association Annual Convention Saturday, October 14, 1978 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Quality Inn South, Austin Name: Address: City: Zip: $15 Regular $5 Students $5 Senior Citizens Send checks to TCA, 711 San Antonio, Austin 78701 Tickets also available at the door THE COMMODORE HOTEL On Capitol Hill Owned by Texans. Run by a Texan. 520 N. Capitol St., NW Washington, D.C. 20001 Bob and Sara Roebuck Anchor National Financial Services 1524 E. Anderson Lane, Austin bonds stocks insurance mutual funds optional retirement program Good books in every field JENKINS PUBLISHING CO. The Pemberton Press John H. Jenkins, Publisher Box 2085 Austin 78768 Personal Service Quality Insurance ALICE ANDERSON AGENCY INSURANCE & REAL ESTATE 808A E. 46th, Austin, Texas 459-6577 Fine Food Draught Beer Outdoor Patio Offering Professio E\(.onomical Altertia OCTOBER 6, 1978 GINNY’S COPYING SERVICE 20 sand South Vietnamese civilians were executed without trial under the CIAdominated Phoenix Program. Two tons of bombs were dropped every 60 seconds, and millions of gallons of herbicides were cast out on the countryside, to this day causing cancer and deformed births. All this is only a smattering of the genocidal statistics; at Nuremberg, German generals were hanged for less. The future What am I for in the future? I am for a rigidly enforced, democratic draft in times of both peace and war which cuts across all economic groups, all classes, women as well as men. I even question the morality of having an exemption from the draft for conscientious objection. What is worse: ten thousand young Americans in prison, or the killing of the Family of Man as we did in Vietnam? Would not the prospect of such a prison population cause this nation to rise up over an immoral war and tell the president, tell the Congress, tell the judges, tell the big corporations and big labor: “You will not send our sons to prison. You will not make us murder the world.” One does not think of soldiers for hire while contemplating the Poles, with garlands of flowers around the necks of their horses, charging the iron horses of Hitler, or the Ethiopians who threw spears at the machine gun nests of Mussolini, or the Russians who defended Leningrad, or the Americans who rose up from Pearl Harbor, or the Loyalists in the Spanish Civil War, who were betrayed by the French, English, Americans, and finally by the communists, and then were shot down and imprisoned by the soldiers of Franco. The citizen soldier is needed not only to fight a war, but first to determine if morally there ought to be a war at all. Let the citizens of this country picket, protest, end an unjust war before it begins, fill the penitentiaries with their sons and daughters, and threaten the powers that be with a Jeffersonian revolution such as that specifically provided for in the Bill of Rights of the Texas Constitution. “What, for instance,” asked Blair Clark in a Harper’s magazine article, “might have been the politics of 1968 without the driving force of all those middle-class Americans worrying that their sons might have to serve in Vietnam? Would McCarthy have been able to mobilize any effective support?” “Suppose,” Clark went on, “the Vietnam war was being fought by professionalsmen working at warmaking as civilians at their jobs, remote legions in a far-off country resenting the 1113111E111111,