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Maceo Smith Texas lost one of its most re spected and effective civil rights leaders Dec. 19 with the death of Maceo Smith. Active in Dallas’ civil rights struggle since the 1940s, Smith was instrumental in efforts to win for blacks the right to vote in state Democratic primaries. Juanita Kraft, Dallas city councilwoman, remembers Smith’s calls for equal education for blacks in the 1940s. “We had asked for equalization of opportunities and they [state officials] had denied it. Then we went for the whole hogto be let into the schools,” she said. At a Dallas civil rights meeting in 1946, Smith convinced black leaders that they should seek total equality through the legal system, Kraft recalls. An outcome of that meeting was Sweatt v. Painter, the historic civil rights case before the U.S. Supreme Court that was instrumental in opening the doors of the University of Texas’ law school to blacks and set a national precedent for the integration of higher educational facilities. Smith was “never satisfied” with the way things were, Kraft said. “His life was an example of service.” In addition to working with the NAACP in the 1950s, Smith was also involved with the Negro Chamber of Commerce in Dallas. In 1960, during the public accommodations fight in the city, Smith organized the Seven Man Committee, a group of seven black and seven white civic leaders who worked toward peaceful integration of Dallas. The committee, now tri-ethnic, is still functioning. At his death, Smith, as president of Dallas’s Urban League, was busy organizing chapters in other parts of Texas. Debbie Wormser 0″49,…es ito,loWcarprt ,- Two-= -Nve-404 -l ii rs -,,Avt otki r #404 . VA s lk **144:. -jltiN:ZZ5t1:il 44,, ..,,_., –,.,Av. 41t. …. ,.:6., , tiA ,i, , v _, ,..,{ tip ‘,7 ,…4,,,,,,.. 4, t h ree ,e 4..i: 1-q-l h oir-mao `-4,e-t4tr;,7 . itgvV’er.111 z 1a 20.: ItZ.N747/ .-1-;c7PlariCii,ior, ,i ,”i i per , * 4174;Ri, litiCif.V.Y”=-711 .—iiil’irte.P tipi; ,i,oz,;,,S,,,,i, -.400,ORN ” ””” ::” r rr r A i i !;!+ T-41% ‘f’gr. A Nfi:V4-# 4’.4/K3: sHENALN1GANs 414 BARTON SPRINGS AT SOUTH 1ST AUSTIN, TEXAS 512/476-4838 vlwaitar. ktrFv -F-. *t. 1q,”‘ jya s ‘leo,. aAc.6 1/914.0,c, 9. Cidit\(nS e faf tV, Ir .r. 1 !criP 441\(407 Catcke “711A411’,41 Ot9 ; grel *R07″ WOINNY,M , ‘ :rai ON, r ttihr Witait#27” ,112,^V’,` , r A! %x -of ti 40. 41/4 A Delicious Seafood & Beef LUNCH DINNER SUNDAY BRUNCH Printers Stationers Mailers Typesetters High Speed Web Offset Publication Press Counseling Designing Copy Writing Editing Trade Computer Sales and Services Complete Computer Data Processing Services .NOTINIA PINS, Amu ‘UM IFILITURS11 512/442-7836 1714 South Congress P.O.Box 3485 Austin, Texas 78764 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 15