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Pantex’s safety record, and concluding, “The people of the Golden Spread have lived without fear for 25 years of nuclear weapons manufacture at Pantex. If we have not been afraid of work done at Pantex in the past, we have no reason to become afraid now.” Someone conditioned by the perverted logic of the nuclear age might justify Amarillo’s passive acceptance of the neutron bomb by saying, “The N-bomb has to be built someplace. We’re proud to do our part. For years, weapons worse than this one have been harmlessly assembled here and then shipped out, so why complain now?” Locally, there has been scant protest against the bomb. In Hereford, landowners who think national publicity about the bomb will hurt crop sales can sign an anti-bomb petition. Posters in the window of a perpetually locked storefront office standing between two of Amarillo’s hardcore beer halls announce that an organization called “People for Social Sanity” is against the neutron bomb. A petition and a few posters are about it. The strongest private protest I’ve encountered is a pipedream that some miracle bomb that destroys buildings and spares people could be developed, assembled at Pantex, and then accidentally detonated on the spot. 0 TEXAS WILD The Land, Plants, and Animals of the Lone Star State by Richard Phelan, photographs by Jim Bones Texas Wild, a book as beautiful and extraordinary as Texas itself, explores region by region the land, the plants and the animals of the Lone Star State. From mountain desert to swampy woodland, from rolling prairie to the semi-tropics, Phelan and Bones celebrate in words and pictures a land of unique and dramatic diversity. Highlighting the geography and the natural history are fascinating tales from the state’s colorful past. “Intelligent, readable, informed, informative … covers a tremendous lot of material with a grasp that indicates solid knowledge and research … such an overall and unchauvinistic treatment of physical and natural Texas has long been needed.” John Graves “A splendid tour … this is excellent armchair travel.” Publishers Weekly 64 pages of full-color photographs, 100 drawings, 8 maps, 8 3Ai” x 10 3/4″, oversize format. GARNER & SMITH BOOKSTORE 2116 Guadalupe Austin, Texas 78705 Please send of Texas Wild at $30.00 per cop remittance enclosed charge my account Nami Address City State Zip Please add appropriate salex tax & 754 postage per copy. PRIME RIP STEAK LOBSTER CRAP elican’s hors Austin, Corpus Christi, Victoria, Brownsville, Temple, McAllen, Port Aransas, Tucson College Station, San Antonio, Lake Tahoe Printers Stationers Mailers Typesetters High Speed Web Offset Publication Press Counseling Designing Copy Writing Editing Trade Computer Sales and Services Complete Computer Data Processing Services _,-,—, #71rst 1, -. 7: 7 ‘.’ viva. UITIIJPRA 512/442-7836 1714 South Congress P.O. Box 3485 Austin, Texas 78764 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 21