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By John Moulder Odessa Life in Odessa has changed since the righteous feud between the Odessa American and Ector County district at torney John Green broke out this spring \(Obs., leyed high-caliber insults and accusations back and forth, foot soldiers on either side fell on the field of strife. In response to pleas for more information, we present another frontline report from our fearless correspondent, who is himself recovering from a flesh wound he suffered when a drunk charge hit him in June. Eds. This summer in Odessa, the city manager was ousted, the county financial structure was altered, and Texas Instruments said that 150 of its workers at a local plant came down with the same illness at the same time because of “mass hysteria.” Things were weird all over, even at the city’s only newspaper. By the time the mesquites of spring had withered into the tumbleweeds of summer. Ector County district attorney John Green had filed a $3.5 million libel suit against The Odessa American and had carried out his threat to get indictments against members of the paper’s staff. City editor John Sliney was accused of attempting to make a county attorney candidate quit last year’s race with the help of a bribe, and the American’s switchboard operator and her husband who worked in circulation had been indicted for dope dealing. Then Robert C. Borden, 27, the paper’s popular courthouse reporter, was arrested for streaking in the first week of June. Three women and a teenage girl claimed Borden, who was a neighbor, appeared in their doorway at 1 a.m. wearing nothing but a pocket knife. Borden, whom witnesses say was cold sober, told police he was sleeping at the time and knew nothing of the incident. He was charged with burglary and indecency, and Green got the peace justices to set a Dillinger-size bond$45,000. Two days later, American editor Olin Ashley fired Borden, who went back home to Central Texas to think things over. Busy Providing Professional Duplicating Services to Meet Your Deadlines. \(Your IiatkilfV -44\(FilmA vs Atclx”zwatorti. 1’N%, -v4N OWAV-Vt; f eiltckl.qili t yll 14.4wit voitz 464 l’\\11111! “e” .11:a l W7* ..\(10; Delicious Seafood & Beef k4′ taw. , -v 4Nk t it4:10N,kgr. “cliPti,,441114 .4010 46, LUNCH DINNER SUNDAY BRUNCH t 0,11\( oix _ Z:04-; 0,Avt -rir-twe.i.. 4visocia.7.-eit4 -ogrievior”—Ax t iefrattror ,kuotwor. 4-/ao. otr, Ai , 1/.54PAIMMtbs4tN7j;e4, -*. sHENANicitANs 414 BARTON SPRINGS AT SOUTH 1ST AUSTIN, TEXAS 512/476-4838 ..491 Personal Service Quality Insurance ALICE ANDERSON AGENCY INSURANCE & REAL ESTATE 808A E. 46th, Austin, Texas 459-6577 Austin / 6 0 7,f Son \(Jacinto Fine Food Draught Beer Outdoor Patio