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GINNY’S COPYING SERVICE Busy Providing Professional Duplicating Services to Meet Your Deadlines. . -I \(Your Choice of Same Day, 24 hr., or 48 PRIME RIV STEAK LOBSTER CRAB aeon’s hors Austin, Corpus Christi, Victoria, Brownsville, Temple, McAllen, Port Aransas, Tucson 1 DINERS CLUB College Station, San Antonio, Lake Tahoe DO” RESS Yq Personal Service Quality Insurance ALICE ANDERSON AGENCY INSURANCE & REAL ESTATE 808A E. 46th, Austin, Texas 459-6577 with the way the Davis trial ends up, so with them in mind, here are quick impressions of some of the people involved. The prosecution Tarrant County district attorney Tim Curry looks like one of those hardnosed cops or FBI agents in the movies of old whose features would make him handsome if he weren’t so intent on looking serious and imposing. He rarely speaks in the courtroom, and the speculation is that he is not as bright as his assistants. But it is said that his strategic influence in conferences, is significant. The most conventional dresser in the courtroom, he often looks up into the empty spaces with a ponderous, wrinkled-brow look as if trying to grasp a profundity out of his reach. Those in a position to know, however, say that he is relaxed, witty and likeable in private. Everyone around the counsel table except Tolly Wilson appears to be in his forties. Probably in his early fifties, Wilson is the gray-haired veteran of the bunch. He is a patient, indulgent and rambling questioner whose tone and style, more than any of the others’, changes with the racial and demographic variables of the person he is questioning. It may be a sign of superior psychology or unconscious condescension. Joe Shannon is the yot.Tgest of the. lawyers quizzing jury prospects and, come the trial, will probably confirm the early impression that he is the most zealous of the prosecutors. He is more direct in his questioning than any except Phil Burleson of the defense. Whether it can be taken as a sign of authority or intellectual superiority, one can’t say, but Shannon seems to pass more notes of advice and information to Wilson while Wilson is questioning than is the case vice versa. Shannon, along with Burleson and Burleson’s colleague, Race horse Haynes; wears cowboy boots with East Texas walking heels. The defense Because he is short and a known scrapper, Richard Racehorse Haynes, I am sure, has been called by most of the many who have written about him “feisty” and “a banty rooster.” I will let those descriptions stand. His manner, his banter with the press and acquaintances, and his reputation all promise bigger things during the trial, but for now, black-suited and vested, Haynes questions prospective jurors with that Protestant kind of unction and soft voice of an assistant pastor at a big Baptist church counseling candidates for baptism. \(That is, if that particular Baptist preacher used to get his kicks diagraming sentences from Faulkner novels smuggled into seminary. Haynes’ convoluted but sound and sometimes eloquent objections are pleasing to some and galling AUGUST 26,19T7 16