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Why Lyndon Olson? Because several bankers and other Waco establishmentarians consider his father \(if not Olson time for Denton’s populist candidacy. These same people. directors of KWTX on the boards of Waco’s two main banksAmerican and First National. M.N. “Buddy” Bostick, the station manager who signed Olson. is a vice president at American Bank. Other ties: Olson headquartered his campaign for the Texas House at First National, and Tom Oliver Jr., a First National vice president, managed the campaign. Oliver is said to be a close advisor now as Olson takes soundings for the congressional race. Denton is not the only one complaining about Olson’s free television exposure. Walter Smith, chairman of McLennan County Republicans, wrote to Bostick last month charging the Democrat’s TV work would “force other candidates to play catch-up by purchasing more time from KWTX when the campaign actually begins.” Smith checked with the Federal Election Commission, but concluded that Olson’s spots were not illegal. just unfair. The 1978 elections are still at the wet-finger-in-the-wind stage. but Ralph Yarborough, who is considering a run at John Tower’s U.S. Senate seat. already has gotten off a one liner that’s going to be hard to beat. Speaking at the state AFL-CIO convention in Austin on July 21, the 74-year-old champion stump speaker boomed out to the labor delegates: “Some say I’m too old. They’re not concerned that I will die. They’re afraid I won’t.” “Good Job, John Hill” is the name of the fundraising committee for Texas’ attorney general and soon-to-be gubernatorial candidate. Headed by Austin book publisher John Jenkins, the committee is sponsoring a fifty-bucksa-head party for Hill on Sept. 15 in Austin, at which time he is expected to announce his candidacy. About 15,000 Texans were mailed a letter of invitation signed by such progressives as former Dallas school board member Emmett Conrad and independent oil producer J.R. Parten of Madisonville, and such nonprogressives as former Gov. Allan Shivers of Austin and Texas Commerce Bancshares chairman Ben Love of Houston. This issue’s Political Intelligence was gathered and written with the help of Teresa Acosta, Steve Russell, Tim Mahoney, Laura Richardson and Bruce Selcraig. Build a better Texas Build a better Texas Observer September 9 * August 30 August 23 * September 8 * August 28 Meet such personalities as John Henry Faulk, Fred Harris, Torn Wicker, Jules Witcover, Les Whitten as The Texas Observer hosts special events throughout the state. Your purchase of a $10 ticket will support the Observer and its investigative reporting about what’s really going on in Texas. For tickets and information, contact The Observer sta.e invites you to join an eclectic band of airborne rilf-rafffor the New York Observer party. We fly to New York City Tuesday morning and return Thursday afternoon. The total price is $290 for airfare and party admission. But we must know by August