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Bernard Rapoport, Chairman of the Board Ameritan Inc P.0 Box 208, Waco, Texas 76703 lice Company qsZoZNosex .,Wswx.mmr.s. ‘,9ssx,”Asmw ,twmftm,:sammvcamwmogoim mtw .wosgmamro.wsokmaxWomookmmucmf tmws am ala n ca. ,mx:kmwemmimmxc xtz.exzerdeott .. The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Texas by a group of attorneys who were impressed with the legal gains of Blacks in the South in the 1960’s. Since MALDEF’s beginning, it has sought to protect the rights of the Mexican American community. It can be proud of the record: Ninety percent of the civil rights suits filed on behalf of Mexican Americans were filed by MALDEF. The first court-ordered bilingual education program was secured by MALDEF. The illegality of at-large voting methods in Texas was established by MALDEF. Seniority rights were extended to seasonal workers, the majority Chicano and female, in the California cannery industry, affecting some 70,000 workers. Extension of the Voting Rights Act now protects Mexican Americans, particularly in Texas which has meant that it is now possible for La Raza Unida Party candidates to appear on the ballot in Texas. MALDEF has secured desegregation orders for some ten school districts in the Southwest. Many people have made this fine record possible. You can help too. If you are interested, please write us at: MALDEF 145 Ninth Street, San Francisco, California 94103