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A profile Texas Commerce Bancshares, Inc. In 1969, Texas Commerce Bancshares was a single-bank holding company consisting only of Houston’s Texas Commerce Bank. Total deposits were $939 million, and the year’s net income $9 million. Texas Commerce Bancshares ranked 55th in size among the nation’s bankholding companies. By the end of 1976-31 mergers later-the total deposits of the holding company’s member banks came to $4.2 billion. Consolidated assets were $5.2 billion. Last year’s net income was $40 million. In seven years, TCBancshares had improved its national position dramatically. As of Jan. 1, it was the 27th-largest banking organization in the U.S. Quarterly fluctuations alter the corporation’s position within Texas banking. Currently, it ranks fourth in combined foreign and domestic deposits, behind Dallas’ First International Bancshares and Republic of Texas Corp. and Houston’s First City Bancorporation; however, with three Texas mergers pending, Texas Commerce Bancshares could place first in domestic deposits by year’s end. Here is a look at this $5 billion banking conglomerate. -Eds. By Tim Mahoney Houston A study made by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas in 1971 and released to the Observer under provisions of the Freedom of Information Act shows that in 1970 Texas Commerce Bank was one of 24 Texas banks with deposits exceeding $50 million. Texas Commerce, the study noted, was part of a twelvemember chain banking system in Houston that controlled 22 percent of metropolitan deposits, about five percent of the state’s total deposits.