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FOR YES! Please send me 6 months of The Progressive for $5 FOR SOME CHANGES I prefer 12 months for $10 FREE BONUS COPY when payment is enclosed. 406 “The System Is the Solution” AT&T “The System Is the PROBLEM” PROGRESSIVE If you are one of the growing number of Americans who realize that AT&T’s slogan means, “What’s good for big business is good for America,” then … … welcome to The Progressive, the monthly magazine that knows it’s long past time to make fundamental changes. More and more of us see that The System squanders our nation’s wealth. The System rapes our natural and human environments. The System pours hundreds of billions of dollars down a rathole called “national security.” The System puts profit ahead of people. The System works, all rightit works for AT&T and Lockheed, for IBM and Exxon but it doesn’t work for us, the American people. “Government and business share the assumption that problems will disappear as production increases; the corollary is that big business offers the surest way to increase production. Open government is impossible so long as corporate-sponsored economic growth is regarded as the highest good.” David P. Thelen “Our Government: A Wholly Owned Subsidiary” in THE PROGRESSIVE “Solar energy has begun to capture the American people’s imagination. Clean, in exhaustible, capable of heating and cooling, convertible to electric power, the sun offers the ideal solution to the world’s energy crisis. It could become America’s energy cornucopiaif Congress doesn’t turn it into just another corporate asset to be exploited for the sake of private greed.” Mark Northcross “Who Will Own the Sun?” in THE PROGRESSIVE “The ad in Forbes is simple but seductive, the message clear: Come to North Carolina, where wages are low, profits are high, and unions are almost non-existent. North Carolina’s “commitment” to a “favorable” atmosphere means that the state uses its unflagging power to guarantee a supply of cheap, abundant, submissive, andmost importantunorganized labor.” Barbara Koeppel “Something Could Be Finer Than To Be in Carolina” in THE PROGRESSIVE r “Because the Defense Department and the corporations have the money, they can endow the schools with “free” or “inexpensive” materials that perpetuate militaristic values, racist attitudes, and sexual stereotypes. Our schools are cluttered with militaristic indoctrination and with conservative propaganda…. I wonder why progressives are always on the defensive in these controversies.” Betty Medsger “The ‘Free’ Propaganda That Floods the Schools” in THE PROGRESSIVE If the System isn’t your solution, if you’re looking for information and solid political, social, and economic analysis, you’ll find The Progressive important and exciting reading. Join us in creating a system that works for peopleall of us. Your subscription begins with the very next issue. Name Address City State Zip PROGRESSIVE W. Gorham St., Madison, WI 53703