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CME in the public service American Federation of S4te, County and Municipal Employees The risks of building the Ell are greater than the risks of not building it:’ “No one disagrees with the need for a strong national defense. But military experts do disagree whether the B-1 bomber is the best way to make us stronger. Nevertheless, the Pentagon argues that we cannot afford the military risks of not building it. But building the B-1 carries even greater risks. Consider what the $87 million cost of just one plane will do: Continue to help 7 ;500 working families with clay care year when New York State faced a budget squeeze. reduce foot patrols unless new funds are found. Plus, extend for nearly 2 full years the life of Philadelphia’s close, claiming lack of funds. That’s why we’re opposed to the B-1. We represent the people who work for state and local governments. Every day, these workers see how badly the money for just one B-1 is needed here at home. We’re urging Congress not to buy what the Pentagon is selling. The price and risks of building the B-1 are too great.” “The business of government is people? Jerry Wurf, President 1625 L Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20036 More than 13,000 AFSCME members work in Texas state and local governments.