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A measure to empower the Texas Indian Commission to apply federal money to the needs of the Kickapoo passed the state Senate in early May, under the sponsorship of Sen. Ron Clower \(Dproval in subcommittee; final passage is expected before the legislative session ends \(and as the Observer `White man’s god’ Jim Brown, city manager for Eagle Pass and a partisan of the Kickapoo, Chief George Whitewater foresees more tranquil times for the tribe once federal funds are tapped. “The Kickapoo haven’t gotten state funds of any kind and won’t even if the Clower-McBee bill is passed. But the state would be able to get them federal money, with which we hope to buy them land and eventually set up health services of some kind. People in Eagle Pass have tried to ignore the Kickapoo, but the present situation is a mark against the whole community,” Brown says. “Our religion tells us that God put the earth here for all human beings. The earth is not the property of anyone, not in God’s eyes. But the white man says he owns the earth, and now he wants to be our landlord,” Whitewater declares. “The Kickapoo believe in God. But the white man’s god is money, and that’s why we are careful about adopting the ways of white men. If we become what you are, then we are lost.” Dick Reavis is a freelance writer and a graduate student in philosophy at UTAustin. IN DALLAS: 4528 McKINNEY AVE. RICHARDSON: 508 LOCKWOOD FARMERS BRANCH SHOPPING CTR. SW CORNER, VALLEY VIEW IN WACO: 25TH & COLUMBUS IN AUSTIN: 1514 LAVACA 6103 BURNET RD. ANDERSON & COMPANY COFFEE TEA SPICES TWO JEFFERSON SQUARE AUSTIN, TEXAS 7=11 512 453-1533 Send me your list. Name Street City Zip HALF PRICE RECORDS MAGAZINES T. COPY SERVICE 1800 L AVACA 476 -6662 COPYING ALL DAY SELFSERVICE HIGH VOLUME RATES AVAILABLE TYPING 12 DIFFERENT TYPESTYLES GRAPHICS COMMERCIAL ART POSITIVES NEGATIVES REDUCT IONS ENLARGEMENTS HALFTONES 3-D POSITIVES PRINTING QUALITY LITHOGRAPHED COPIES IN BLACK AND WHITE OR COLOR TELECOPYING ANY SIZE DOCUMENT BINDING SPIRAL KROYDEN MARBLE BOARD LIBRARY BUC KRAM TRANSLATIONS 60 LANGUAGES 7 am 11 pm PA F , 8 am 6 pm Sat. PARK FREE ON TOP LEVEL OF GREENWOOD TOWER GARAGE, 111th it Guadalupe Fn June 3, 1977 21 TEXAS WILD The Land, Plants, and Animals of the Lone Star State by Richard Phelan, photographs by Jim Bones Texas Wild, a book as beautiful and extraordinary as Texas itself, explores region by region the land, the plants and the animals of the Lone Star State. From mountain desert to swampy woodland, from rolling prairie to the semi-tropics, Phelan and Bones celebrate in words and pictures a land of unique and dramatic diversity. Highlighting the geography and the natural history are fascinating tales from the state’s colorful past. “Intelligent, readable, informed, informative … covers a tremendous lot of material with a grasp that indicates solid knowledge and research … such an overall and unchauvinistic treatment of physical and natural Texas has long been needed.” John Graves “A splendid tour … this is excellent armchair travel.” Publishers Weekly 64 pages of full-color photographs, 100 drawings, 8 maps, 8 3/e” x 103/4″, oversize format. GARNER & SMITH BOOKSTORE 2116 Guadalupe Austin, Texas 78705 Please send remittance enclosed charge my account Namc Add recs City State Zip Please add appropriate salex tax & 75 postage per copy.