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21 March 25, 1977 Good books in every field JENKINS PUBLISHING CO. The Pemberton Press John H. Jenkins, Publisher Box 2085 Austin 78768 Austin, Corpus Christi, Victoria, Brownsville, Temple, McAllen, Port Aransas, Tucsoil Soon to open inCollege Station, San Antonio, Lake Tahoe BILLIE CARR REPORTS . Announcement Annual meeting of The Texas Democrats to be held Saturday March 26, 10 a.m., Austin Hilton Hotel, 600 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin, Texas. Discussion about organization and exchanging political information. Open meeting. Everyone invited. Registration fee, $2.00. Paid Pol. Adv. by Billie Carr Expense Fund, 2418 Travis, Houston, Texas. Our people will win No matter what you do.” Those hated Rangers Were sent by the governor To protect the melons Of a conservative rancher. Mr. Connally, senores, Is an evil ruler Who hates the Mexican And scorns human pain. Farewell, my brothers, With a heartache I bid you be good Mexicans And join the Union! While you might suppose that any Texan could write similar sentiments to his local newspaper editor, state educators and art commission bureaucrats often find, says Strachwitz, that someone higher up on the public totem pole rejects or cancels an order for the film. We talked to Strachwitz in Austin when he was on his way to Louisiana from the Valley. He’d just about had it with trying to get “Chulas Fronteras” shown in Texas and said that “maybe its time hasn’t come.” The film’s editor, Maureen Goslin of Austin, has tried to help with distribution but reports that management at a Texas PBS station rejected it for broadcast with the comment that they had televised a migrant workers’ program and got a lot of flak from state officials afterward. “We’ve also had an order canceled by a Valley public library which had made prior arrangements for community viewings,” Goslin says. Director Blanc has run into similar frustrations. It might be, he says, that “the film gives too much reality . . . and that after the Sixties, people want to believe that racism is over with.” Ironically, Houston’s NBC affiliate gave the film its world premier in January, and the station’s program director was ecstatic about the 109 phone calls received afterwards. In seven years of broadcasting chicano-oriented programs, there had never been such a favorable response. It seems that people like the film, but will have a hard time seeing it in appreciable numbers. It’s too bad. “Chulas Fronteras” is playing to huge audiences all over Europe. U Daryl Janes is a freelance writer living in Austin. For more information on Tex-Mex music, see Americo Paredes’ With His Pistol in His Hand and Trans-Mexican Cancionero. Arhoolie Records can be reached at P.O. Box 9195, Berkeley, Calif. 94709, and Brazos Films at 10341 San Pedro, El Cerrito, Calif. 94530. Some regional record labels are: Freddie Records, 1316 N. Chapparal, Corpus Christi 78401; Joey Records, 6711 W. Commerce, San Antonio 78227; and Falcon Records, 821 N. 23rd St., McAllen 78501.