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csWHAT OTHERS SAY “A tradition of honesty, accuracy, fairness, and tireless investigation has enabled the Texas Observer to occupy a unique place in Texas journalism.” The Adversaries: Politics and The Press, Bill Rivers, ed. \(Beacon Press, The Observer provides “. . . the sharpest political comment of any regional magazine in the country.” Anthony Astrachan, The New Republic, July 16, 1976 The Observer’s “steady disclosure of unseemly conduct . . . served as a deterrent to unsavory political activities.” It is “well read within the inner world of Texas politics.” The Transformation of Southern Politics by Jack Bass & Walter DeVries “The always impious Texas Observer … We recommend it.” I. F. Stone’s Bi-Weekly, May 31, 1971 “In Texas the only way things are changed is with the help of the press . . . I think that this is where the Observer comes into the Texas picture. You will frequently find stories in [the Observer] that haven’t been printed, simply because there hasn’t been digging done on a particular subject.” Sissy Farenthold, Jan. 23, 1973 “The Observer keeps coming out with serious and thorough news of this critically important state which people inside and out can’t get elsewhere.” Nicholas von Hoffman, The Washington Post, Sep. 10, 1971 “The Texas Observer, the biweekly champion of the neglected and voiceless in the state, the bur under the establishment’s saddle, the scourge of the lobbyists .. . often offers readers the only critical reporting in the state on political and economic issues.” The Texans by James Conaway 1. 1 2 3 45 6 f