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“Timely….The story of the South has been captured in all its variety and complexity in the broad panorama of change through surveys of each of the 11 Southern states …. A rich tapestry of colorful detail written in a journalistic style that will be as fascinating for lay readers as for scholars:’ Eli N. Evans, The New York Times Book Review “Absolutely first-rate. A month after the nomination of Jimmy Carter, presto, \(this those would-be Carterologists gathered in the salons of Georgetown and West End Avenue…Yes, you can learn a lot from this book:’ Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post “A masterly account of reality and change in the most perplexing arena of American politics. DeVries and Bass have equalled V.O. Key in the authority and clarity of their splendid work!” Theodore H. White “Revealing… compelling. Certain to become a prime source for all those who follow contemporary politics?” David S. Broder “Definitive.”Tom Wicker THE TRANSFORMATION OF SOUTHERN POLITICS Social Change and Political Consequence Since 1945 Jack Bass and Walter DeVries $15.95 at bookstores, or direct from the publisher. BASIC BOOKS INC. 10 EAST 53RD ST., NEW YORK 10022 The Zertuche General Store , ‘?<"44*04101V By Rich Minus deep down in south texas in the county of duval sleeps the town of benavides and if you should have the call to fence your ranch or fix your barn buy a tractor, nails or pliers just ask at the county courthouse and when you do inquire officials there will no doubt say . "don't bother any more the place for you to get your tools is the zertuche general store" don't be discouraged if you cannot find it right away if the only answer when you ask is a shrug and a "yo no se" for its location is not central rather off the beaten path but the deals that go down in there make up for all of that yes, it's sometimes difficult to find a clerk to wait on you their coffee breaks start right at 8 and it's 5 before they're thru overhead is next to nothing cause the furnishings are spare no counters, shelves, cash registers to clutter things in there no lights, no floors, no walls, no doors no merchandise in this here store no way for a burglar to break inside and if he could no place to hide if absence makes the heart grow fond as a poet said before the best loved place in the lone star state is the zertuche general store Rich Minus is an Austin songwriter who feels that the Zertuche General Store has not been given its rightful niche in the pantheon of great Texas scams. The store never existed. It was the paper creation of O. P. and Ramiro Carrillo, members of one of the deposed Duval County political clans. Both Carrillos have been convicted in federal court of filing false income tax statements concerning the store. 22 The Texas Observer