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IF YOU’RE NOT AFRAID OF BEING RIGHT TOO SOON Five years before the near-bankruptcy of New York, The Washington Monthly, the liberal magazine that questions liberal orthodoxy, began its attack on the swollen bureaucracies with articles called “We’re All Working for the Penn Central” and “America the Featherbedded.” We then questioned the high salaries and pensions enjoyed by civil servants and warned of the growing power of public employees’ unions. The Washington Monthly has been ahead of its time in many other ways. It was the first magazine to reveal the political contributions of the dairy lobby, and in an article that won two of journalism’s most distinguished awards, the first to tell of the Army’s spying on civilian politics. It was the first to reveal the Nixon impoundments, the first to report why Congress didn’t investigate Watergate before the election, and in so doing, became the first monthly magazine to do original reporting about Watergate. In an article that won yet another award, it told “Why the White House Press Didn’t Get the Watergate Story.” Our article on the dangers of nuclear hijacking was a year ahead of The New Yorker’s. Our case against social security was made two years before Harper’s. And two years before Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.’s The Imperial Presidency, we published “The Prince and His Courtiers at the White House, the Kremlin, and the Reichschancellery.” Time says The Washington Monthly is “must reading.” The New York Times says it’s “indispensable.” And The Washington Post says it “does its specialtygovernment and politicsbetter than any other magazine around.” If you aren’t afraid of being right too soon, give it a try. free copy offer TO-61 I’llgive it a try. Please send me a free copy of your latest issue. If I like it, I will receive a one-year subscription.for only $8half the regular price. If I don’t like it, I’ll simply write “cancel” across the bill and that will be that. In either case, the complimentary copy is mine to keep. Payment enclosed Bill me Name Address City State Zip I I The Washington Monthly I 1028 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 20036 41111111111111.1111111101111=1111111=1111111=1111111=11=1111111.111111111MINNIIIIMINNEmIIMOMMINNIMMINNIIIINIIM I= I= MN MN’ 11