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ZANG PRIM. and a black and red color scheme.” My favorite restaurant memories come from unadorned places like Prendes in downtown Mexico City or any number of Buenos Aires restaurants which feature nothing but square tables with white tablecloths, paneled walls, and food, food, food. As far as I am concerned, I like flounder stuffed with crab, but as for decor, you can just plain stuff it any way you wish. Look at these entries from Fort Worth: “The Carriage House. Pine-paneled rooms illuminated by coach lights and period wallpaper create a relaxing atmosphere at the Carriage House, where attention is given to the smallest details of food preparation and service. . . .” Translated, this means that the fire -is turned on under the oven and you get a napkin.” “The Cattlemen’s. Giant pictures of prize-winning cattle from the nationally famous Fort Worth Fat Stock Show hang on walls of various dining rooms in this restaurant that has become a national institution. Located in the center of the stockyard district, the way of the West is much in evidence here and the rustic atomosphere is reminiscent of early ranch houses. . . .” Nothing whets my appetite like a picture of a prize-Wi nning Hereforda bovine unit, as the sociologists would call one. “Casa Dominguez. The happy atmosphere of a south of the border cantina is recreated in Pete Dominguez’s popular Mexican restaurant. Lighting is subdued, the floors are old brick, the furniture is handcrafted. Mexican packing crates hung on the walls serve as frames for straw roosters and paper flowers in a profusion of color. Casa Dominguez is a favorite with celebrities, particularly in the sports world, and the menu features specialties named in honor of Texas Longhorn luminaries. . . .” Bobby Layne tacos, Daddy Darrell rellenos? “Edelweiss. Arriving guests step out of the everyday world and into a scene from the “Student Prince” where dinner is not only a meal but an evening’s entertainment. Owner Bernd Schnerzinger leads the singing to set the pace for a merry evening. . . .” “Deep in My Heart” maybe, but what about sauerbraten Deep in My Wherever? “The Farmer’s Daughter. Gay Nineties decor with a red on red color scheme sets the stage for a lively evening. In the Lula Belle Room hangs a large portrait of the lady herself, and other period portraits of high fashion women. Overhead is a giant crystal chandelier. In the Eighty-Niner Room a long mirrored wall adjacent to the bar reflects the red flocked wall paper and red tablecloths. The Gay Nineties Room gives customers a choice of eating, and there is a Gold Room for private parties. . . .” I’m more than eighty words into the text, and I still don’t know what they’ve got to eat. As for period portraits of high fashion women, I’d just as soon be met at the door by someone hawking dirty postcards. “Green _Oaks Inn. Henry VIII. Merrie Old England and the world of tournaments and troubadors is much in evidence here. The magnificent Great Hall, with its 32-foot high beamed ceiling leads past the Baronial Banquet Hall draped with colorful standards repeating the tones of mosaics in the diming room carpeting. Electric torches on the massive brick walls light the portrait of King Henry which dominates the room. . . .” If the ceiling had been only 29feet high, I wouldn’t have been able to swallow my chicken Bombay. “London House. Tudor English decor is reflected in the heavy wooden furniture, the accents of antique brass and the cross bow and suit of armor which decorate the walls. Each dining room has its own fireplace, creating an intimate atmosphere. . . .” Those fireplaces would make sense if we were going to roast hot dogs or toast marshmallows, but the house specialty seems to be prime rib. “Ports O’Call. There are four dining rooms in this famous . Dallas landmark, each of them completely different and wholly fascinating. Entry to the thirty-seventh floor restaurant is from the deck of a clipper ship complete to the last belaying pin. From it the voyager is ushered into the four great ports of the Orient. ‘Papeete suggests the style of Tahiti with outrigger canoe and island tikis. Singapore is a sea buff s delight, its walls papered with yellow depth charts, its tables taken from the galleys of ‘sailing ships. Saigon, most elegant of the ports, blends French-Vietnamese furnishings. Macao is guarded by bronze Fu dogs and graced by ebony furniture inlaid with mother-of-pearl. . …” This ought to be a real dining experienceI’ve never been guarded by a bronze Fu dog while I ate. “Sea Cave. A hidden sea cave was the inspiration for this restaurant where a tumbling waterfall, fresh water pool, and schools of rare albino catfish swim among the lava-like rocks washed with sand. Diners sit at the specially designed monk’s tables with black slate tops and torch lights add to the grotto feeling. . . .” How do I know that the barbecued chicken isn’t a rare albino catfish in disguise? Tonight when I go home and I am asked what I want for dinner, I’ll suggest that we call a local decorator and decide whether we want the French Empire featuring red silk, or whether we will eat from glasstopped tables with blue-checkered place mats. As for steak, fish, or chicken, that’s the grocer’s choicenone of mine .. “Waiter, bring me that small green bowl with the silver rim for dessert.” “It’s a finger bowl.” “Never mind, bring it anyhow. It matches my appetite.” Move over, HitlerI wanta eat a. rug!