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RALB E ILT ,C Ic/ MOTEL 96 N.E. Loop Expressway Adjacent to San Antonio International Airport Color TV in every room Restaurant & Lounge Heated Pool Family Plan Free Parking ALL AT MODERATE RATES Enjoy real money-saving value, and relax at the Call PICK, Before You Pack FOR SAN ANTONIO RESERVATIONS: CALL TOLL FREE 800-621-4404 In Illinois: 800-972-7200 TEXAS HEARTLAND: A Hill Country Year. Photographs by Jim Bones, Text by John Graves. $21.50 GARNER AND Bi llySTORE 2116 Guadalupe Austin, Texas 78705 When your Kaye Northcott came to my house in Kountze recently, at 12 noon, accompanied by one Dan Green, Beaumont Enterprise reporter and former employee and columnist for Buddy Moore’s Kountze News, I was getting in my car to go to lunch. I let them accompany me to black Ruby Marshall’s Paradise Inn cafe where Green looked Kaye straight in the eye and told her that County Judge Emmett Lack had confessed to him that he, Emmett, was truly the man in the Mexican whorehouse pictures, and that he was going to confess to the commissioners court press conference and ask the people and God to forgive him. Dan quoted Emmett as saying that his wife Vergie wouldn’t let him, and that he was afraid of only Vergie and God. My question is why didn’t Kaye publish in her long diatribe in the Observer what Dan Green said. She printed the alleged remarks of everybody she talked to whether based on fact or not. Ostensibly the reason Kaye came to Hardin county was to deny or cast doubt that Emmett was photographed in the arms of the ladies of joy. . Her obvious mission was to find out if the pictures were authentic and vintage Emmett Lack. Dan told her. There are two witnesses, both black, in that cafe who heard Dan. Kaye also quoted two words I did not say and that infuriated. Never in my life have I used the word “Boyville” and the word those words and wouldn’t sleep in the same room with them. They are Texas Observer words, also Enquirer words. Also I told her that my great and good friend Houston Thompson is a master of Dirty Tricks and could have taught Donald Segretti much. I also never said it was a crime for DA Stanley Coe to show the pictures and tack them on the wall. I said it would beat him in his race for re-election and it did. I said Stanley walked into Houston’s trap. Kaye completely distorted what know-how from Connally’s secret briefings as a presidential adviser. Aiming for several million members, Connally spoke vaguely of newspaper ads soliciting money, of high school essay contests and rallies on the Fourth of July. “We will write letters and make speeches,” he said. He asserted the Alliance would “not interfere with the elections in Italy.” But, he said, the founders of the Alliance have become concerned that Italians “not become beguiled by the unfulfilled promises of Communim.” Art Wiese of The Houston Post asked him whether that did not amount to interference in the affairs of another country. Connally conceded it “probably is meddling. I don’t think we should be criticized for doing just that. We meddled in them 30 years ago,” defeating “totalitarianism and Nazism” in Italy. One senses in this curious front organization something designed to continue the CIA’s covert work abroad. Connally said the group would work through ethnic, veterans’, and labor organizations in the U.S. to develop a program of activities expressing Americans’ commitment to preserving freedoms in the Mediterranean countries. That does bring to mind the CIA’s illegal infiltration of such private organizations. Could this be the militarists’ new form for work the CIA got caught at? In his new role as GOP circus barker Connally has arrived as a, native American reactionary. Of course, he isn’t that; .he’s whatever the occasion calls for. But, then, sometimes a politician becomes what a politician says. In a letter to contributors to the Republican Party in Texas this spring Connally wrote, “Now is the time to recognize the need for new direction in our self-defeating welfare and social programs. I simply do not accept the notion that the United States of America must succumb to state socialism.” Politicians who work in Congress for “cheap gasoline,” he says, are engaging in “cheap demagoguery of the worst kind.” He even told the Republicans gathered at his ranch, “I can even defend the major oil companies if you want me to take on that battle in your state. They’ve put up the risk capital, explored, found, developed, refined,” and so on. And what about corporate bribery abroad? “None applauds corruption when it occurs,” Connally said, “but I submit that in too many cases American business enterprises overseas have had to use fang and claw to stay in operation because they get so little support from their own State Department.” Lockheed Aircraft got that $250 million loan guarantee from Congress, but not enough help from the State Departrridnt. Nevertheless, “This is the worst Congress in my lifetime. We are getting nothing but partisanship and irresponsibility …. This calls for a crusade by the Republican Party!” Naturally, such a fellow has developed a distaste for democracy. He would let no member of the House or Senate serve more than 12 years, meanwhile having the President serve only one six-year term so that Presidents would never answer to the people for their actions at alla theory of serial dictatorship. Congressman Bob Eckhardt of Houston once stated the plain truth about this curious Demolican, John Connallythat he has no convictions, that what he can be counted on to do is advance his own interest. Lowell Weicker, the Republican senator from Connecticut, says Connally is “a great political mercenary” who should have stayed with the Texas Democrats. R.D. Communication K. N. attacked June 4, 1976 15