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OURCRAD IS A DIT STUFFY. Unstuff a crab at Kangaroo Court. Interesting food. Fabulous drinks. On the River. Hop on over. 11:30 AM-11 PM Daily. Till 12 AM Fri. and Sat. All major credit cards. 512 Riverwalk. San Antonio, Texas. 14 The Texas Observer MAg JaTES MADE OF HIGH STRENGTH MY LAR Dragon 45′ $9.00 Cub 25′ $7.00 Super Dragon 75′ $25.00 MARTIN ELFA NT SUN LIFE OF CANADA LIFE HEALTH DENTAL 600 JEFFERSON SUITE 430 HOUSTON, TEXAS 224-0686 Patman’s seat, et al. Austin The race for Wright Patman’s old House seat \(that’s District 1, but it will be known as Wright Patman’s seat for a long time to more twists than an Agatha Christie plot. There were ten candidates in the Democratic field, chief among them Sam Hall of Marshall, a conservative lawyer; Welby Parish of Gilmer, the labor-backed candidate, a maverick lawyer highly thought of by many liberals even though he was not The Liberal in the-race; and Dr. Glen Jones of Jacksonville, long a leader of the East Texas Wallace forces. Hall and Jones competed for the conservative vote, and the first question was whether one of them would edge Parish out of the race. Parish went to bed on primary night believing he was behind, but he rose on Sunday to find himself in a runoff with Hall. “I am very grateful for being in the runoff, and I am very grateful for all the help I’ve had from so many people throughout the primary,” Parish said. But some late votes came in the next day and Parish had no call to be grateful, since it turned out that Hall and Jones were in the runoff. Meanwhile, in Dallas, Jim Mattox, a card-carrying liberal, breezed past former Mayor Wes Wise in a contest to see who would get a shot at Alan Steelman’s vacated seat. Mattox’s unexpectedly easy victory appeared to lend some credence to the theory that Dallas really is Republican and that when Dallas Republicans go vote in their own primary, right-thinking Democrats do just fine. However, Mattox, who has a fine record as a state legislator but a somewhat abrasive personality, managed to tick off lots of folks with some post-primary comments during an interview on KERA’s Newsroom. Mattox’ Republican opponent is Nancy Judy, more than just another hotel offering family rates. We cater to families. Our location, next to the Empire State Building, our menus, rooms and service are geared to make your New York stay a pleasure. We’re worth trying. 1 N 1113. 31CAllil I 34th Street and Broadway New York, N.Y.10001 who, after Mattox’ victory, forthwith began calling him a liberal and other bad names. On Newsroom Mattox charged Judy with unladylike behavior. When asked to define a lady, he blundered further, attempting to draw some difference between “a woman” and “a lady,” which effort did not gladden the hearts of those who are proud to be women. In El Paso, challenger George McAlmon did no good a’tall against Congressman Richard White. Although it is generally admitted that White is no prize as a congressman and that McAlmon was the strongest challenger White has had to date, plain old incumbency apparently carried the day for White. M.I. IDialogue Dangerous bill What would you think of a bill that denied a citizen his rights to a fair trial? One that gave one man the power to lock someone up on his opinion alone. Would you think it was against the constitution? Well it is. I’m referring to Senate Bill 1. In section Reports,” it states, “For the purpose of Examination, the court may order the defendant be committed for a reasonable period of time but not more than 60 days, to the custody of the attorney general, who shall hospitalize the defendant in a suitable mental hospital or in any other facility designated by the court as suitable.” This all takes place before the defendant is found to be guilty or not. Could you imagine going to trial for a crime you’re not guilty of and before you NEW YORK CITY’S family planned HOTEL 111 Ok, we’re interested for family of for the dates … to 1 FAMILY OF THREE ‘28.00 FAMILY OF FOUR ‘34.00 1 FAMILY OF FIVE ‘40.00 FAMILY OF MORE THAN FIVE $6 PER COT I Name I Address I City Zip mu so ow siol imo