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ANDERSON & COMPANY COFFEE TEA SPICES TWO JEFFERSON SQUARE AUSTIN, TEXAS 78731 512 453-1533 Send me your list. Name Street City Zip PRA g Jul RITESa Vo l MADE OF HIGH STRENGTH MYLAR 503B West 17thAustin Dragon 45′ $9.00 S Cub 25′ $7.00 uper D 75′ $25.00 GRO OOKJ willing to take on the fight. … Our food future is not an economic questionit is a political question. People must intrude into the political process that determines food policy,” he preaches. The political act can be as simple as refusing to ever buy another McDonald’s burger to protest the growing homogenization of taste that the franchises represent. It’s a plaintive ending, given the extent to which we’ve been complicitors in our own screwing by agribusiness. Hightower is probably excessively optimistic about what consumers and others will do to change the food supply system. He is committed to working through politics to change things. His current involvement in Austin Harry Hunt Ransom was a civilizing influence at the University of Texas. That should not come as startling news. He was, after all, chancellor of one of the largest educational institutions in the nation. But UT hasn’t had that many scholars at its helm, and for that reason Harry Ransom was himself as rare a gift as the manuscripts he acquired for the university. A bibliographer and copyright expert, he was an indifferent administrator who preferred to remain above the fray. When I was editor of the Texan a decade ago, I and a handful of “student leaders” would meet with Ransom once a month. We would rant and rave about Frank Erwin’s reprisals against the Texan or the burgeoning police state or urban renewal or free love. Ransom would listen calmly and then make some cumbrous statementsentences as long as Henry James’, full of words like “concatenation” and “collocation” and “cognition” remarks were so unintelligible, not to mention dull, that we left the meeting dazed, having completely forgotten what we had wanted from him. Regents and faculty members who came to him with problems he wanted to ignore probably got the same treatment. I always imagined that after we left he chuckled to himself and them stole softly to some carrel at the top of the Tower to fondle one of his newly purchased manuscripts. Ransom’s book buying was a source of consternation to certain Texas legislators and, it seemed, to the whole of England. Fact is, he simply outbid the other collectors, sometimes paying much more than a particular item was worth on the market. Just like a Texan for you. Well, now Harry Ransom’s dead of a heart attack at 67, but, thanks to him, the University of Texas has a collection of Shaw’s manuscripts that rivals the British Museum’s. It has the best Mansfield collec Fred Harris’s campaign may be an illustration of the futility of his approach. Part of the problem is that most of us can’t put aside at least an occasional impulse to reach for the potato chips and dill pickle dip. But the major problem is we find our politics compromised by short range economic interests. Last week I supported a real mom&pop store by buying some corn meal there. Across the street I found the same corn meal for 20 centsor more than 25 percent cheaperat Safeway. Long range interest would dictate that I continue to buy the product from the mom&pop store, but for most consumers it is short range interest that prevails at the checkout counter. tion anywhere, not to mention fine collections of Maxwell Anderson, Beckett, Arnold Bennett, Betjeman, Joyce Cary, Joyce \(including his corrected proofs of Conrad, Hart Crane, Dahlberg, Eliot, E. M. Forster \(thee, manuscript of Passage to InGalsworthy, Robert Graves, Walpole, D. H. Lawrence, Hemingway, .Edgar Lee Masters, De Maupassant, the two Millers, 0. Henry, Proust, Santayana, the Sitwells, Steinbeck, Thackeray, Dylan Thomas, Voltaire, Tennessee Williams, and Yeats. Ransom collected so much good stuff \(and some not so goodZane Grey and Erle Stanley used pages to list the acquistions in Our Invaded Universities. Bob and Sara Roebuck Anchor National Financial Services 1524 E. Anderson Lane, Austin bonds stocks insurance mutual funds optional retirement program MARTIN ELFANT SUN LIFE OF CANADA LIFE HEALTH DENTAL 600 JEFFERSON SUITE 430 HOUSTON, TEXAS 224-0686 JIMMY CARTER FOR PRESIDENT Fundraiser/Lawn Party AuctionMusicFunGames FoodSwimmingBeerPolitics Sat., May 22, 1976 4 to 7 p.m. 3210 Hampton Rd. One Block West of Red River Call 478-2214 or 472-2273 if you want to volunteer to help or for advance tickets, $5.00 each. Pol. Adv. Pd. by Frances Morey and Janet Gilles 901 W. 24th. Harry Hunt Ransom