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LEADING TEXANS AGREE THAT O’ROURKE IS ON THE RIGHT TRACK “In view of the major role played by “I’m supporting Terence O’Rourke be “The anti-establishment speakers Terry O’Rourke as Legal Counsel to cause we need a foresighted, ener clearly outclassed their opposition. In the “DIRTY THIRTY” in their exposing getic young person on the Texas RailTom Moore, Jr., they had the most the legislative scandals in the Texas road Commission to carry on the intelligent and exciting orator on the Legislature, his recognized ability as a energy battles for Texas with House floor. With Terry O’Rourke’s lawyer and his unquestioned integrity, intelligence and stamina.” research, they had the winning Mary Marrs Wienzierl argument. The pro-Mutscher speakers Huntsville could do little more than contend that “Our client would not have been in such a thing had never been done dicted or convicted but for the investi before . . .” gative work of Terence O’Rourke. Harvey Katz Michael Ramsey Shadow on the Alamo 1972 Criminal Lawyer, Houston, Texas Former Co-Counsel to “While a student in Austin, O’Rourke Speaker Gus Mutscher had more impact on state government than most multi-term state representatives and senators.” The Houston Post August 12, 1971 “Terence O’Rourke is a man of distinguished achievement and abilities. He possesses qualities of toughness and foresight that are necessary for an outstanding Texas Railroad Commissioner. Because of the changing energy problems and demands of our state, Texans need Terence O’Rourke on their Railroad Commission.” J. R. Parten Madisonville I hope he will be elected to the Railroad Commission.” Walter G. Hall Dickinson “Folks who like a winner will do well to watch the career of my friend Terence O’Rourke. Terry is a winner.” Latane Temple Diboll Free Press December 18, 1975 . . . Terence O’Rourke, a longtime friend, is known throughout Texas as an independent man of moral judgment, whose knowledge of the oil industry has been obtained at arm’s length from its special interests. I believe he is particularly qualified to speak on this subject and his knowledge of the issues is profound and his advocacy of consumer welfare is unqualified. Charles Wilson Congressman House of Representatives October 30, 1975 The candidate speaks out. “As Railroad Commissioner, I will fight to free Texas energy from irrational and wasteful regulation, while promoting greater conservation of all our national resources.” Terence O’Rourke for Texas Railroad Commissioner Paid for by Terence O’Rourke campaign fund. P.O. Box 2467 Houston, Texas “I am supporting Terry O’Rourke for the Texas Railroad Commission because of his unrelenting advocacy for open space acquisition and park land. He has valiantly fought for the preservation and protection of our bayous and waterways.” Terry Hershey Houston “The people of Texas need a strong advocate on the Texas Railroad Commission. The importance of the Commission not only to the state but also to the nation and our involvement in foreign affairs is of utmost importance. I can think of no finer man than Terence O’Rourke to serve as the people’s advocate on the Texas Railroad Commission.” Fagan Dickson Austin