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17 Years Judicial Experience CHIEF JUSTICE CHARLES W. BARROW 85% of the lawyers responding to an official statewide bar poll named Judge Charles W. Barrow as their choice for Supreme Court. Endorsed by Dallas County Progressive Voters League, Harris County Council of Organization, CPG Austin Coalition for Progressive Government, Texas Women’s Political Caucus, Texas AFL-CIO. Elect JUDGE BARROW State Supreme Court Political Ad paid for by the Committee to Elect Judge Barrow to the State Supreme Court, 4402 Vance Jackson, San Antonio, Texas both anchor woman and producer of the nightly program. The new management at the public television station reportedly is splitting her job in half and bringing in some new blood to produce the show. Parr prevails Well, Wh’da’ya know? The Parr fac tion lion in Duval County won all five seats open on the Benavides School Board. With George Parr dead and his nephew Archer in the federal pen, the Parrs were generally believed to have lost their clout 12 The Texas Observer in Duval. But the Parr faction showed that it still has a lot of friends even without a reigning duke to call the shots. The special election was monitored by Texas Rangers and state bilingual election inspectors. It was a fair fight and the Parr people won anyway. The Carrillo family, which had challenged the Parrs for control of the Old Party didn’t get a single candidate on the school board. Nor did the Freedom Party, a reform group that surfaced again this year. Former State Rep. Oscar Carrillo, came in seventh in a field of nine for a seat on the board. Carrillo complained, “The Freedom Party and the Old Party have joined to destroy the Carrillo family.” A second batch of Houston police indicted on wiretapping charges were all acquitted in late March. The ten included M. L. “Joe” Singleton, the former chief of the Houston criminal intelligence division, who is now chief clerk of the Houston municipal courts. NIOSH, the National Institute of Oc cupational Safety and Health, is sending a team to Houston to investigate leukemia cases among synthetic-rubber plant workers in Port Neches. So far there is no link between styrene-butadiene rubber and leukemia, but a number of employees at Texas-US Chemical Co. and B. F. Goodrich plants in Port Neches appear to have been victims of leukemia, a blood cancer, in recent years. State Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson has been elected to the Board of Trustees of Texas Christian University. The Houston Post recently quoted U.S. Rep. Charles Wilson of Lufkin as saying that the advocates of natural gas de-regulation lost in Congress because the opposition “had Common Cause and hysteria; they had Ralph Nader, they had all the labor unions in the country.” Attending your precinct meeting on May 1st? Ask us for a bundle of sample copies of The Texas Observer to pass out at the meeting. Free. This is one of the best places to find others who would appreciate knowing about the Observer. Each copy will contain a subscription order form. No need for you to make a sales pitch. All we ask is that you make the copies available. Please indicate the approximate number you think you might be able to distribute. Thanks for considering it. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 600 WEST 7, AUSTIN 78701