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David Bowser 4’*:%1V4v,caea 01[3 ERVER A Journal of Free Voices 50e A Window to the South April 23, 1976 Potter County politics Amarillo Slim in odd game Amarillo It is zoo time in Amarillo. It is Paranoia City at the Potter County Courthouse. Not since the glory days when J. Ernest Stroud, a John Bircher, was mayor and used to hold “Honor Rhodesia” days have local politics been this bizarre. The district attorney has tried to sue the district judge who is feuding with the county attorney who is on the outs with the D.A. who could wind up in the clink for contempt, and that’s just the beginning. Legal history seems to be in the making here. At least, no one in this area could remember a precedent for a judge refusing to dismiss a case when both the prosecution and the defense have moved for dismissal. When the parties involved complained about this unusual development, the judge put everybody under a gag order. However, the spirit of J. Ernest Stroud lives, and one of the gag-ees, who happens to be a radio news reporter, has cheerfully continued broadcasting about the case. The Mafia may or may not be standing by to put concrete lifejackets on all concerned. The various officials involved assortedly ged, people are keeping files on them, This all started last fall when Amarillo Slim got busted for gambling, which is like indicting the Pope for being Catholic. Amarillo Slim is a gambler. He is a very Amarillo Slim Preston, right, with his attorney Hugh Russell