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ftv ia` ,\(Ac e vos ‘c.e41’351 si \(P’ te e 64c1 SYV’ ?,,c* 1\(6.8-9 tie BROWSE TILL 10:00 P.M. MONDAY thru FRIDAY Now In Our 13th Year of service to Austin GARNER ANO SMITH-1 ‘BlySTOl i tE 2116 Guadalupe Austin, Tom 78705 477-9725 air sador, Mellon told a newspaper friend of mine, “This is not a marriage ceremony; it’s a divorce.” They put him out. For all effective purposes, he was impeached. Hoover gave him a pardon in the middle of the trial. Weren’t there pressures to defeat you during the Thirties? Why, certainly. About every three or four elections, they’d lower the boom on me. They could see I was givin “em trouble on their city-slicking deals. I pictured them as money changers and was after come in, spitin ‘ my back. I had a lot of hard races. The big business fellas didn’t need I’m. They got their own paid people around here. They threw plenty of money around and began to get very popular. We have two governments in Washington: one run by the elected peoplewhich is a minor partand one run by the moneyed interests, which control everything. Like the farmer down in Texas. He had a few oil wells. He began buying up all the land around the rivers. Folks got terribly wrought up about it. Him buying up all the land in the country. He let ’em know he wasn’t buying up all the land. He just wanted to buy that land that adjoined few fellas that was buying up all the property that adjoined theirs. It was the big ones closing in on the little ones for the kill …. You worried about a dictatorship? Yeah, I’m worried about that. A dictatorship could spring up here overnight, if this country got so bad. If another Depression came, we’d have a revolution. People wouldn’t take it any more. They have more knowledge. The big ones, they’d be looking for somebody that’d have the power to just kill people, if they didn’t agree. When John Doe begins to get up, they’d just go down and shoot him …. What were your relations with Roosevelt during the Depression? I liked him very much. There was an air of optimism. When he got ingetting the fat cats out, getting the money changers out. But he was wrong on the veteran’s pay. He was against it, too, Roosevelt. I didn’t bother him because I knew Congress was gonna have to pass it. They had a leadership conference at the White House, The New York Times had a headline: “Patman at White House On Program.” They had a “must” list on the agenda. Defeating the so-called bonus bill was on the “must” list. I think Roosevelt honestly felt it would cause inflation. He was budget-conscious, too. But he had to change. He realized the facts of life. Do you have the feeling that you’ve been pretty well kept out of the news these past 30 years or so …? Why, certainly. I should have been chairman of this committee 25 years ago. But they kept me off on account of that fight for the veterans. They knew I knew too much about the money business. They didn’t want a man like that. Oh, I made news when I authored the Full Employment Bill. They called me a Communist, a Socialist, and everything else. But we got the bill through. They all now recognize it as a good bill. When I get kind of low, I think about a verse I learned at one time, when everybody was fighting me. It went something like this: He has no enemies, you say, My friend, the boast is poor. He who hath mingled in the fray Of duty that the brave endure Must have foes. If he has none, Small is the work he has done. He has hit no traitor on the hip. Has cast no cup from perjured lip, Has never turned the wrong to right, He’s been a coward in the fight. I’d often repeat that, you know. 0 Classified advertising is 200 per word. Discounts for multiple insertions within a 12-month period; 26 times, 50%; 12 times, 25%; 6 times, 10%. BOOKPLATES. Free catalog. 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