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NEW YORK CITY’S family planned HOTEL more than just another hotel offering family rates. We cater to families. Our location, next to the Empire State Building, our menus, rooms and service are geared’ to make your New York stay a pleasure. We’re worth trying. 11cAlpin 34th Street and Broadway New York, N.Y. 10001 Ok, we’re interested for family of I for the dates _ _ to —_ 1 1 FAMILY OF THREE ‘28.00 I FAMILY OF FOUR ‘34.00 I FAMILY OF E ‘40.00 FAMILY OF MOREFIV THAN FIVE $8 PER COT. I Name I Address City __ _ _ Zip 1.1 1.1 we I. 1. 10 The Texas Observer Information for Historians, Researchers, Nostalgia Buffs, .1 Observer Fans Bound Volumes: The 1975 bound issues of The Texas Observer are now ready. In maroon washable binding, the price is $15. Also available at $15 each year are volumes for the years 1963 through 1974. Cumulative Index: The cloth -bound cumulative edition of The Texas Observer Index covering the years 19541970 may be obtained for $12. Index Supplements: The 1971 through 1975 paperback supplements are provided at no additional charge to those who purchase the cumulative index at $12. Subscribers who do not want the cumulative index may purchase any of the supplements separately. The price is 50c for each year. Back Issues: Issues dated January 10, 1963, to the present are available at 50 per issue. Earlier issues are out of stock, but photocopies of articles from issues dated December 13, 1954, through December 27, 1962, will be provided at 50 per article. allegedly owes the state $11,704 in delinquent sales taxes. Sanchez said, “Nobody told me” the company owed money. He said the company has been defunct since 1969 and no one ever told him there were delinquent taxes. The Good Neighbor Commission is supposed to help keep harmony and peace be-. tween Texas and Mexico. At one time it was a controversial organization, but cynics now consider it a sinecure for unemployed politicians. Harris Winfree, the Gulf Oil Co. lob byist who passed out the small-time dough for Gulf \(see Obs., used to dress up as Santa Claus and visit legislators’ offices around Christmastime. Let’s hear it for Hugh Hefner. Playboy magazine has made a crusade , of getting a young Texan, sentenced to life in prison on a marijuana charge, out of the clink, and they’ve finally done it. Tom Mistrot is now out and employed in Victoria. In 1969, a Dallas jury found Mistrot guilty of selling onefourteenth of an ounce of marijuana to a federal narc. D.A. Henry Wade then presented evidence of Mistrot’s two prior felony convictions, both for burglarizing a vending machine, and he got the mandatory life sentence under our habitual criminal statute. Since then, burglarizing a vending machine has been reduced to a misdemeanor. Customers of Lo-Vaca Gathering Co. and its parent corporation, Coastal States Gas, who are moaning about their escalating gas bills may console themselves with the news that Mrs. Oscar Wyatt, Jr., wife of Coastal’s board chairman, is on the international list of the 12 best-dressed women in the world. The 12 were described by Eleanor Lambert, who chose them, as “the epitome of today in dress.” Mrs. Wyatt is a member of the Sakowitz family, who own department stores in Houston. A few years ago, The Houston Post ran a series on the “Great Closets” in which Houston’s wealthiest women keep their designer clothes. Mrs. Wyatt’s was one of the greatest. SEND-OFF SALUTE TO SISSY A chance to say so long to Ms. Farenthold, who is leaving to take the presidency of Wells College in New York state. It’s on Saturday, Feb. 28 from 8 to 11 p.m. at the Contemporary Arts Museum, 5216 Montrose, Houston. There’ll be a cash bar and any proceeds will go to the Harris County Democrats. Admission is free. They’re threatening to have entertainment and since Texas liberals are prone to be at their most cheerful in gloomy circumstances, it should be a good party. The governor is not expected to attend. Democratic liberal leader Billie Carr of Houston came to Austin in mid January to raise some more cain about the stacked presidential primary. She started her press conference by saying, “I’m very sorry to disappoint you members of the press, but I refuse to answer any questions about my relationship with John Kennedy. I’m not the type to kiss and tell.” Good News of the Month: The Hous ton public schools are lousy with lice. The lice epidemic there has reached serious proportions, according to Virginia Thompson, director of ,health services for the Houston Independent School District. “In the past, lice were associated with filth and poverty,” said another health worker, “but that’s no longer the case..” “We’ve found lice in every school in the district regardless of economic conditions,” Thompson says. Black children don’t seem to be afflicted with lice as much as children of other races. Thompson recommends de-lousing shampoo. Difficult as it is for us to understand, the fact is that Texans are not universally loved. In Colorado there’s a popular new bumper sticker that reads: “If God had meant Texans to ski, He would have given them mountains.” Microfilm: The complete backfile tion to the microfilm edition is $15. To order, or to obtain additional information regarding the 35mm microfilm editions, please write to Microfilming Corporation of America, 21 Harristown Road, Glen Rock, N.J. 07452. 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